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Yogyakarta or what is known as ‘Jogja’ is not only famous for its city with a million campuses, but the City of Gudeg is also rich in tourist attractions. One of the tourist destinations that is still a high attraction is the beach. Currently the beach is still a favorite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The beauty of the beaches in Jogja is not inferior to the scenery abroad, one of the beaches that offer natural beauty in Jogja is Gesing Beach. Located in Panjolomulyo, Girikarto Village, Panggang, Gunungkidul, it attracts a lot of tourist curiosity to explore this white sand beach even though the location is quite remote and less touched.

Price of admission

Although currently there are not as many visitors to this beach as other white sand beaches such as Wediombo Beach and Indrayanti Beach which have been known for a long time, this beach is able to compete with other beaches because of its naturalness. Many tourists think it is more comfortable to visit a beach that is still empty of visitors than those that have many visitors because it feels more private.

To be able to access this beach area, you don’t have to pay a fortune, because each person is only charged IDR 5,000, and when you arrive at the location, you are charged a parking fee of IDR 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles.

The trip to Gesing Beach can be reached by land from downtown Jogja towards the south ringroad and take to Jalan Imogiri Timur. Then take it towards the Selopamioro area, Panggang, up to the Sawah Warak Elementary School which is close to the banyan tree on the side of the road. From there take the Bolang T-junction and follow the direction towards Gesing Beach.

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Not a few tourists find it difficult to find directions to Gesing Beach, besides that the location is also difficult to find on online maps or maps. However, one of the tips for those of you who are visiting this beach for the first time if you have entered the Sawah Warak SDN area, if you have trouble finding the Bolang area, it is advisable to ask local residents. This will make it easier for you to get to the location immediately.

Interesting thing

When you arrive at the location, your fatigue and confusion during the trip will be paid off with the beauty and naturalness of this beach. Not only is the natural scenery beautiful, but this beach, whose name is still common, also has extraordinary underwater beauty. In this area, the water is very clear and shallow, and the rocks are very clear.

In this place it can be used to fish for ornamental fish, so those of you who want to bring cute fish from the sea can bring nets from home because here it is allowed to catch fish. Although it is relatively new and rarely visited by tourists, this beach can be your vacation choice if you want to enjoy the beach atmosphere without having to travel far, here are the considerations:

1. Adjacent to other beaches

Not only is Gesing Beach the only one in this area, if you want to get around several beaches in one area, of course you can visit Ngluen Beach and Need Beach which are close to each other.

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2. Adequate facilities

Although this beach has not been exposed to many media or uploaded on social media accounts such as Instagram, Gesing Beach already has several complete facilities such as mosques, toilets, fish auction places, and of course food stalls.

3. Close to hotels or inns

For those of you who come from out of town and need a place to stay, you can take advantage of the lodging facilities that are opened in the beach area. In addition to lodging in the beach area, there are Orchid Inn and Baronsari hotels which are not far from the beach. If you want to save a little money, of course you can camp on the beach with your own tent.

Culinary tour

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This white sand beach is also known for its seafood, so for those of you who want a private beach atmosphere and want to eat seafood dishes, of course this place is the most appropriate. The fish that is cooked is the catch of the fishermen and of course it is still fresh, besides that you can also choose the fish yourself if you want.

This beach not only has fresh fish suppliers, but this beach also has a fish auction which is used to transact fishermen and shop owners. Of course you can get these fresh fish if you directly select them at the TPI (Fish Auction Place) in Gesing Beach. The fish offered varies from lobster, pomfret, shrimp, and many more.

Even though the name is not well known by tourists and there are not many rides that can be used on the beach, Gesing Beach can be an alternative for those of you who want to spend a weekend and want to get a beautiful beach atmosphere. Not only can you see the beauty of the Tosca blue sea water and clear water, but you will be able to feel the sensation of the beach as if it is private.

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Until now, tourists who vacation on this beach are mostly young people and are still in the category of domestic visitors and there are no visitors from abroad. But over time if this beach is frequented by visitors, it will be possible if this beach which is famous for its clear water will also go global. Have a nice vacation to Gesing Beach!



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