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One of the cities in East Java Province, namely the City of Tulungagung, is now busy being talked about by nature lovers. This is reasonable because in this city there are interesting natural attractions such as marine tourism, namely beaches. One of the beaches that is starting to rise is Gemah Beach which is on the Southern Cross Line, Besuki.

Gemah Beach offers panoramic views of the blue sea combined with clear water and also the beautiful sky coupled with a clean environment. The beach, which has not been touched by many tourists, is still quiet, so there is not much garbage scattered about environmental pollutants. If you are interested in coming to Tulungagung City, especially Gemah Beach, see the information below.

Price of admission

One of the things that most potential visitors who want to take a vacation pay attention to is the entrance ticket price set by the officer. The entrance fee at Gemah Beach is IDR 5,000 per person and is added with parking fees according to the type of vehicle. The price of admission will change when vacation times such as school holidays, new years and national holidays arrive.

For holidays, the rates charged range from Rp. 7,500 to Rp. 10,000 per person, and that can change at any time. The parking fee that must be paid is IDR 3000 for two-wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars. If you come by bus, the parking fee is IDR 10,000 and the entrance ticket price can be paid in groups.

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The facilities at Gemah Beach are quite good with adequate bathrooms. The fee for using the bathroom and toilet is the same as the general fee, not including the entrance ticket. So that if you are going to use the bathroom or toilet you have to pay it back to the officer guarding it or put it in the box.

Other facilities available here are the availability of restaurants and traders who sell clothes or t-shirts with text and pictures. Restaurants on Gemah Beach usually provide smoked fish which is a mainstay here. You can enjoy delicious smoked fish after tired of playing water on the beach while sipping young coconut ice.

Gemah Beach is about 37 kilometers from the city center and takes about an hour if the road is not congested. The time it takes to arrive also depends on the speed of the vehicle that is traveling and on what day you are traveling. The route that must be taken is to follow Jalan Pesantren about two kilometers away then turn right.

After walking for 2.5 kilometers, you must turn left then continue for 550 meters and turn right. Continue the journey for two kilometers then turn left and you will pass a tourist attraction on the right of the road. Continue the journey towards Boyolangu Market, from the market turn left onto Jalan Ki Mangun Sarkoro.

Continue the seven kilometer journey, then turn left towards Jalan Raya Popoh with the characteristic that there is a market at the corner. Continue the journey for eleven kilometers then turn left onto Jalan Lintas Selatan. From here you only need another seven kilometers to reach Gemah Beach, Tulungagung.

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Interesting thing

1. White Sand Beach

Gemah Beach is a beach that has brownish white sand with cleanliness so it is safe for children to play. Beaches with white sand are indeed targeted by nature lovers because they are rarely found on the island of Java. The thing that is the advantage of Gemah Beach sand is that it is avoided from various rubbish, the sand is clean and charming.

2. Spot Swimming

One of the characteristics of the south sea beach is that the waves are calm and not as big as the waves that Gemah Beach has. The waves are calm, allowing visitors to do water activities such as swimming or just playing on the shore. Even if swimming is allowed, make sure you keep your personal and those closest to you safe.

3. ATV

One of the attractions that you can play on Gemah Beach is an ATV with a certain rental fee. The price is set for renting an ATV per 20 minutes at a price of around Rp. 20,000 only. You can rent it to surround the beach environment accompanied by the wind that blows and the charming beach scenery.

4. Spot Sunrise and Sunset

Gemah Beach is also one of the spots to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, so it has been crowded since morning. The beach is indeed one of the places that provides clear solar activity because it is not blocked by any buildings. Not only sunrise, you can also see the sunset on the beach in Besuki.

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5. Pine Forest

Another tourist attraction on Gemah Beach is the towering pine trees around the beach. You can make this forest a place to take shelter when the sun is directly overhead. You can also take pictures with background a group of beautiful pines circling the area around Gemah Beach.


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