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West Java is not only an area that has a million historical areas, but this province also has many tourist destinations, one of which is the beach. The various beaches offered in West Java have their own beauty and advantages, such as in Ujung Kulon Banten, which has Ciputih Beach which is a favorite tourist destination for tourists. Please take a look at this beautiful beach review.

Ciputih Beach

This beach is located in Ujung Kulon Village, Sumur, Pandeglang, Banten and is considered a beach that has its own uniqueness, namely its silence. Unlike other beaches located in Banten such as Sawarna Beach, Tanjung Lesung Beach, as well Anyer Beach.

Ciputih Beach is not visited by many tourists, so it is still so beautiful and clean. To get to this beach, it takes a road trip which takes approximately 4 to 6 hours from the center of Jakarta.

Ciputih Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

For those of you who have a hobby traveling and want to visit the Ciputih Beach area, you can have fun because accessing this area is not charged a dime an entrance ticket. In addition to this beach, not many people know, this beach has not been paid much attention to by the local government.

This situation has resulted in no use of the local tourism sector to improve the economy of its citizens. If you want camping with friends, you can bring a tent and set it up in the beach area to save costs.

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Ciputih Beach Access and Routes

For you traveler new who want to visit Ciputih Beach This, be extra careful and prepare your private vehicle as best as possible. Although this beach is predicted to be a beach paradise in Banten that has not been touched much, the road access to this area is still difficult because it has to pass through badly damaged roads.

Some of the paths to the location must pass through the road which is still filled with gravel. So it is better if before you decide to take a vehicle, you must first check the stamina and condition of your vehicle to the maximum.

If you want to travel and have a vacation to this beach, you can travel overland via the route from Jakarta-Serang-Pandeglang-Panimbang-Sumur-to Ciputih Beach. This beach area is indeed very far from urban areas, so there are still not many tourists who visit this tourist area.

But don’t worry, if you have trouble finding the address of this beach, you can ask local people because the residents are very friendly. So if you get lost don’t worry, because the locals will direct you to the destination.

Ciputih Beach Tourism Object

Ciputih Beach is a water tourism place that must be visited by those of you who liketraveling, because this beach has natural beauty that other beaches do not have. The beach, which is located in Ujung Kulon, is rarely touched by tourists, because the area’s location is not strategic and there are not many who have exposed this area on social media.

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So this beach is still very beautiful. As the name implies, there are elements “white”, This beach is also still very clean from the ignorant hands of visitors. If you visit this area, here are some of the facilities and advantages that you can enjoy:

1. Soft sand beach and clear water

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As the name implies, which has a ‘white’ element in it, this beach has very clear sea water. So don’t be surprised if you go to the shoreline to see the marine components that are very visible to the naked eye. In addition, the beach sand in this area is very soft so you don’t need to worry if you step on rocks or gravel.

2. The right spot for snorkeling

For those of you who like a hobby diving, of course this beach is a very appropriate tourist destination because you can do this in Ciputih Beach snorkeling as much as you want to see the beauty of the seabed. But unfortunately, in this coastal area there is no equipment rental for diving, so you have to prepare yourself by bringing from home.

3. Can cross to Mangir Island

For those of you who like challenges and something new, you must visit this beach. Because this is where you can cross to an uninhabited island, namely Mangir Island. You can too snorkeling in the island area to enjoy its underwater beauty.

4. Lodging

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If you don’t want to bother bringing your own tent from home and setting it up on the beach, you can simply rent an inn in this Ciputih Beach area.

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Around this beach there is an inn titled Ciputih Beach Resort which can be used for the night. The rates charged also vary, from IDR 300,000 to millions of rupiah each night.

5. Supporting facilities in the beach area

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As a beach that has not been touched by many tourists, Ciputih Beach is a beach that has complete facilities such as a large parking area, toilets, and a prayer room. Of course, these facilities will make it easier for you to carry out supporting activities.

Behind the advantages and beauty offered at Ciputih Beach, unfortunately there is still no place to eat that serves a variety of seafood, even though culinary is one of the factors to attract tourists. However, for the size of a ‘virgin’ beach or a beach with unspoiled views, this beach is quite a worthy tourist destination and worth visiting.

So for those of you who want to feel the sensation of a real vacation, you must visit Ciputih Beach. This is because you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy the diversity and beautiful scenery of this gift from God. Happy holidays and determine your right vacation spot!


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