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Banyuwangi is now one of the main destinations for travel, both local and foreign tourists. Banyuwangi is geographically located at the eastern tip of the province of East Java which has many cool natural attractions that are worth visiting. One of the tourist objects that can be visited is Cemara Beach.

Cemara Beach is located in the city of Bayuwangi, precisely in Rowo Hamlet, Pakis Village, Bayuwangi District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. This beach became famous in 2015 due to the uniqueness of the beach. Previously, this beach was called Rejo Beach which was the landing place for fishing boats and the place where fish trading transactions were carried out directly. Then began to hold activities by local residents and local government that can increase the beauty of this beach since 2011. For example, planting shrimp pine trees with neat and attractive arrangements so that this beach can attract tourists who eventually began to be known as Pantai Cemara.

Pantai Cemara with a beach length of 2 km stretching from north to south filled with rows of pine trees lined up with more than 16 thousand shade trees. It looks like an evergreen forest because of the abundance and lushness of these evergreen plants. This scenery is very interesting to explore and can be used as photo spots.

As a shelter, the function of the prawn pine tree on the edge of this beach can also be used as anticipation and strong winds. This beach is a favorite tourist spot for the residents of the city of Bayuwangi. The waves are relatively small, safe enough for visitors who bring children to swim and play on the beach, or just along the beach.

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Entrance ticket prices at Cemara Beach

Untuk safeguarding and caring for a tourism object, it requires supporting funds. These funds can come from government donations and tourists who come to visit. Entering the Cemara Beach location, you can pay a levy of 2000 rupiah per person. Motorcycle parking is enough to pay 2000 rupiah and 5000 rupiah to park the car.

Getting to the location of Cemara Beach is not through difficult terrain. It’s just that the roads are not good enough, namely there are damaged asphalt and some roads that are still in the form of dirt. You can travel to the beach location for 20 minutes from the city of Banyuwangi. The Cemara Beach route from Banyuwangi City can be started from taking the road to Hotel Santika. Next to the Santika hotel there is an entrance alley to the east, just follow the road until the T-junction turn right at the rice field area. Follow the road until you find a T-junction that has a signpost for the location of Cemara Beach. Follow the road until you pass the local people’s rice fields and local fish ponds. Before heading to the parking lot, you have to cross a small river filled with brackish water. There are views of the growth of several types of trees found on the beaches, namely mangrove trees. There are interesting photo spots that you must try if you visit Cemara Beach. After crossing the river you arrive at the Cemara Beach location.

Tourism Object on Cemara Beach

Cemara Beach has its own uniqueness, so that tourists flock to visit and enjoy this beach. Things that can be found and done at Cemara Beach include:

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1. Spot Photos

There are several interesting photo spots that you can try besides enjoying the beauty of the sand beach. Like one of the spots before entering the vehicle parking lot. There are spots that have background or a good background, which is a brackish water river and some mangroves and pine trees that are beautiful to see. As the number of tourists grows from year to year, the number of photo spots is starting to be added as a tourist attraction. You can take pictures in colorful seats, or in a place with a background saying “love”. Since Cemara beach is a turtle breeding ground, tourists can take pictures with turtles. For photography lovers, you can take advantage of these photo spots and besides being beautiful, this place is also romantic for couples who want to hold a photo shoot prewedding.

2. Black Sand and Pine Trees

Pine beach has a characteristic stretch of sand beach with soft grains that are slightly black in color. Around the beach there is also a pine tree forest which is a type of sea pine tree. These characteristics give the uniqueness and origin of the name Cemara Beach. On this beach there are food sellers and a minimum that can be purchased at affordable prices to accompany you while resting enjoying the beauty of the beach. You can choose various menus while relaxing under the tree, enjoying the food that has been ordered and enjoying the unspoiled atmosphere around. The shady and clean pine trees make tourists who are resting cool just to relax. In enjoying the cool pine forest, tourists often lay out mats even though it’s just chatting or enjoying food and drinks under the trees.

3. Turtle Farm

Apart from the sand and the polluted trees, this beach also has a simple semi-natural turtle breeding ground. This place consists of a rearing and education center for turtles. During the turtle egg season, if you are lucky you will be able to see turtles that make landings to lay eggs directly on the beach. For the entrance ticket to the turtle farm, it is enough to pay 2000. Apart from turtles, there are also fish ponds. This breeding place serves to protect turtle eggs from attacks by predators or animal – eating eggs or naughty humans who want to take the eggs for sale. Every few months there are tuki release events. Hatchlings are turtle hatchlings. In releasing hatchlings, it is enough to pay 2500 per hatchling. It’s worth a try if you visit this Cemara Beach.

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4. Sunrise of Java is Banyuwangi

The beauty that can be enjoyed at Cemara Beach is when visiting in the morning, you can enjoy Banyuwangi’s Sunrise of Java. The rustling of the waves with the stretch of beach sand that makes the heart peaceful.

5. Place Camping (Camping)

On this beach there is a large field. Usually, visitors use this place as a place camping (camping). If the night the place is also often held a bonfire by the people who hold the camp. Because the air is cool in the morning the place has a lot of visitors doing sports.

6. Lorong Goa Cemara

The rows of pine trees that were planted along the coast grew in number, big and shady so that they resembled a long and beautiful cave. The shady place is suitable for taking shelter or just taking a walk down the cypress cave alley.


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