Pantai Cemara Sewu Bantul, Location of Romantic Dating for Adventurous Couples


Pantai Cemara Sewu Bantul Location of Romantic Dating for Adventurous - Pantai Cemara Sewu Bantul, Location of Romantic Dating for Adventurous Couples
Cemara Sewu Beach (Instagram: @camellianisa)

Travel Blog Indonesia – Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta does not only have Parangtritis Beach. In this area there is also Cemara Sewu Beach which is no less beautiful.

The existence of shady pine trees along with a vast expanse of sea is a special feature offered by this tourist attraction.

Romantic Cave Hallway

The cypress trees along the road to the beach make this location seem like it has a romantic cave passage worthy of a photo spot instagramable.

When you enter the Cemara Sewu Beach area, you will be presented with views of the blue sea and black sand.

Bamboo bridge facilities and gazebo you will also find it to relax.

For an adventurous couple in a flirtatious manner, it seems this place recommended really for both of you.

Location of Cemara Sewu Beach

Cemawa Sewu Beach is located at Jalan Pantai Parangkusumo, Parangtritis, Kretek, Parangtritis, Kretek district, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Cemara Sewu Beach : Enjoying the beauty of the beach here is free (free).

So you only need to pay the parking fee. For motorized vehicles, the fee is IDR 3,000, while for four-wheeled vehicles, IDR 5,000;

The route to Cemara Sewu Beach

Cemara Sewu Beach is still in an area with Parangtritis Beach, Parangkusumo Beach, and Parangkusumo Gumuk Pasir. So it’s not too difficult to find this beach.

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If you are from the city of Yogyakarta, you can go to Parangtritis street. Then, follow the road until you enter the TPR Pantai Parangtritis.

Not far from there, you will find a beach location to the west of Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo.

Other tourist attractions near Cemara Sewu Beach

Depok beach

Not only famous for its natural beauty, Depok Beach is also famous as a center for selling seafood.

Various types of seafood dishes are available here, ranging from snapper, skipjack, pomfret, milkfish, tuna, layur, crab, prawn, ray, grouper, cucut, squid, and many others.

  • The location of Depok Beach is in the Kretek sub-district, Bantul district, Yogyakarta Special Region.
  • Depok Beach is only 2.5 km from Cemara Sewu Beach.

Parangkusumo Beach

Parangkusumo Beach is considered as the main gateway to the magical palace of the South Sea, a kingdom of Nyi Roro Kidul, a mystical figure of the people of Yogyakarta.

You can feel mystical and sacred nuances combined with natural beauty here.

  • This beach is only 500 meters from Cemara Sewu Beach, precisely on the Parangkusumo Beach road, Parangtritis, Kretek sub-district, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

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