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As a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia you must be proud and grateful. The country which consists of a cluster of islands is a distinct advantage for its people. Especially because the natural dishes are so beautiful and rich. Not only as a provider of basic necessities of life, the nature also offers unmatched beautiful scenery for traveling.

The beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations for families. This natural object is considered as an ideal place to relax for all ages and ages. The distinctive sound of the waves, the soothing breeze, coupled with the stunning natural scenery, has always succeeded in encouraging visitors to spend time there.

For you Javanese people, one of the beaches which is famous as a tourism destination is Pantai Cahaya in Kendal. The beautiful scenery along with all the facilities on the beach is a magnet in itself to attract tourists. This beach is always crowded with visitors during the long holiday. It is suitable for recreation with friends and family.

Ticket prices at Cahaya Kendal Beach

Cahaya Kendal Beach implements a package tour system, different from other ordinary beaches. You only need to pay IDR 40,000 per person, you can enjoy a complete beach tour with several additional rides that have been provided by the management, such as a dolphin performance arena and a swimming pool. If you come with at least 25 people, you will get a special discount of 25 {5f40dc3f4664eee0c75d4e948fa54497bae4e568186e30f2bc8b58bf53381e4d}.

Apart from the two rides above, there are other exciting rides on this beach. Ticket fees are charged separately. For example, the Water King Swimming Pool Ride, you have to pay IDR 25,000 per person. If you bring a lot of luggage, lockers and huts are also provided, you are required to pay IDR 50,000 if you want to use them.

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Located in Kendal Regency, Central Java, Pantai Cahaya has become an idol and a major destination for the people of Kendal and its surroundings. This beach is precisely located in the border area that connects this area with Batang Regency. From the city center it takes about an hour and a half to reach it. Don’t be afraid to get lost, because there will be signposts at street corners.

The location is in Sendang Kucing Klampok Village, the access is very easy. So you don’t worry about being afraid that you won’t arrive. If you come from Yogyakarta, please head to Jalan Magelang, just follow the main road to Purworejo. Just continue straight, until the direction of Jalan Semarang, then continue to Batang / Raya Montong Sari. You will be guided by a signpost to the beach after that.

If you start your journey from Kudus Regency, the route you will take is via Jalan Raya Tuban, it takes about 3 hours to get to Pantai Cahaya. From the center of the Holy City, head east towards Jl. Sudirman. Then turn right onto Jalan Pemuda / Jalan Raya Tuban then continue onto Jalan Raya Pantura and head towards Batang. From there follow the road to Sikucing, and you will soon be there.

Light Kendal Beach Tourism Object

The beach which is known as The Sea Pantai Cahaya Semarang is different from other beaches because of its various attractive and child-friendly facilities. There are so many differences when compared to other beaches in Indonesia. People who have visited this place agree that playing on this beach is very exciting. The excitement that can be found on this beach is;

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1. Enjoying Dolphin Attractions

Already a package with an entrance fee, every visitor has the right to see the greatness of the two dolphins who every day attract on the beach. This marine mammal show place is very comfortable, the facilities are always being improved. After the show, the audience can take selfie and interact with the dolphins that are proud of Pantai Cahaya, as long as it is orderly.

2. Swimming

Even though there is an abundance of sea water on the beach, the management of Pantai Cahaya also provides a fresh water pool for children and adults. The excitement of swimming in this pool has increased since the Niagara Falls Ride was added. This slide board in the swimming pool also makes playing more fun.

3. See Animals at Pantai Cahaya Mini Zoo

Not only water rides, here visitors are also treated to the presence of various kinds of animals that are packed in a mini zoo. The animals in this place include: deer, various kinds of birds, peacocks, various rare poultry, and others. At certain times, animal attractions are also shown here, such as the Crested Old Brother and the Sun Bear

4. Go around the beach area and play various rides

Pantai Cahaya is very wide. If you want to look around but don’t want to tire of walking, you can rent an ATV. The visitors, especially children, are also spoiled with a variety of fun rides for this beach, for example the Thomas Train Ride, ball palace, canoe boat arena, trombolin, and others.

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5. Monthly Routine Events

Every month, at Pantai Cahaya, a varied routine agenda is held. Sometimes the theme follows big day celebrations such as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Idul Fitri, and so on. The events that have been held include the dangdut music performance of Nella Kharisma, cultural arts performances, and live shows by indie bands.

Apart from what has been described above, visitors always do beach activities such as playing with the sand, enjoying the sunset, photography, and culinary tours in this place. The excitement on this beach makes visitors feel more at home because of the complete facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms, gazebos, and well-managed tourist canteens. So, do you want to prove how exciting Pantai Cahaya can be? Come and play the rides!


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