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This beach, which at a glance is similar to Nongsa Beach in Batam, is located on the border of the Madura Strait, which is directly related to the area of ​​the Java Sea, where the arek-arek Surabaya especially who live in the Probolinggo Region, East Java Province are certainly familiar with the cool beaches thanks to the shady trees that surround it.

This beach is often used as a good escape from residents around Probolinggo, outside the city to foreign countries because Bentar Beach does not only offer extraordinary natural scenery but also a distinctive long wooden bridge and will add fun and exotic fun tourism.

Presenting cool nuances of blue sea waves, wide stretch of soft sand, sky views with migratory birds, lush trees, coral reefs to a long wooden bridge femonenal which is the hallmark of selfie fans making this Bentar Beach as the most suitable vacation spot for you who want to relax yourself.

Not only natural facilities are able to enchant every visitor, Bentar Beach is also equipped with various public facilities, namely mini trains and various children’s play areas such as slides, seesaw and swings that can make your child calm and enjoy a short vacation so you can enjoy a longer and more enjoyable relaxing moment.

In addition to the children’s playground facility, which costs only Rp. 4,000 per child to ride the mini train, visitors will also be spoiled with various other facilities such as a prayer room, gazebo or wooden seating, bathrooms, a large parking area to a row of restaurants or street vendors. which sells delicious seafood specialties wrapped in East Java spices.

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Price of admission

Entering this beach, each visitor will only be charged a tariff of Rp. 4,000 per person and Rp. 3,000 for children so they can enjoy endless natural scenery during 24 hours of opening accompanied by exotic wooden bridges to restaurants with a variety of typical seafood. The standard fee for parking is Rp. 2,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 5,000 for cars.

The detailed location of this beach is in Gending District, precisely in Curahsawo Village, Probolinggo Regency, which is located not far from White Sand Beach. Residents who are in the Probolinggo area can continue to move north by following directions and GPS. Meanwhile, visitors from Surabaya can take the Raya Pantura route as far as 103.9 km.

For visitors who come from Banyuwangi, of course, they will pass this beach if they go through the Pantura Line. Visitors from Central Java can pass the Soker Toll route as far as 449 km from Semarang while visitors from West Java can use the Raya Pantura route as far as 902.5 km from the city center of Bandung.

Interesting thing

1. Exotic Wooden Bridge

The wooden bridge here is the most hits spot and has become its own characteristic for visitors who visit Bentar Beach. The long bridge with the tip which is greeted by a gazebo made of coconut fibers was indeed made by the local government so that residents can see the beauty of the blue sea more closely.

2. Spot Sunrise and Sunset

The beach with its marine exoticism presents a dazzling sunrise and sunset, especially when enjoyed from a pier or a wooden bridge which is intended in addition to being able to see the sea waves closer so that residents can enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the wide slash of the Java Sea where every visitor recommended to use glasses.

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3. Spot Photos

It is unfortunate if visitors do not take advantage of the moment. Wooden bridges, sunrise and sunset, rocks, fishing boats to small animals on the mainland make this beach has many extraordinary photo spots plus delicious seafood processed provided by the nearest restaurant so that the event becomes more stable.

4. Children’s Play Spot

Not only adults, travelers and young people can enjoy the beauty of this Bentar Beach, but also the availability of various children’s play facilities with mini trains as its trademark. Besides that, there are swings, slides and seesaw that can add to the fun of the children under the shady trees.

5. Boat Rentals

On this Bentar Beach, visitors can also rent a boat to simply enjoy the beautiful blue sea bathed in bright clouds with gentle waves.

Bentar Beach is indeed a suitable place for connoisseurs of marine nature tourism who want to momentarily let go of boredom due to boring routines plus the friendliness of this beach for children with lots of playing facilities so that families can have fun traveling.


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