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Pangumbahan Beach is located in Gunungbatu Village, Ciracap District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. This beach is very famous for both local and foreign tourists. This is because this beach has its own charm and uniqueness that does not exist in several other beaches.

Pangumbahan Beach is one of the favorite beaches in West Java even though there are not many special facilities available such as luxury inns and so on. In fact, what attracts visitors is the natural beauty of the beach which is still beautiful. In addition, this beach also has sufficient facilities to support the needs of visitors such as parking areas, toilets, and so on.

Entrance ticket prices at Pangumbahan Beach

The entrance ticket to Pangumbahan Beach is very cheap, which is only IDR 5,000 per person, both on weekends and weekdays. Meanwhile, visitors who want to enter the turtle breeding ground also have to pay another Rp.5,000 per person. So, these rates are very friendly to all groups.

The main route to Pangumbahan Beach can only be reached using two-wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes. However, if visitors start their journey from Jakarta, they must be able to pass Ciawi – Cicuruf – Cibadak – Pelabuhan Ratu – Cikembar – Jampang Kulon – Surade – Ujung Genteng and then can go to Pangumbahan Beach.

Meanwhile, if visitors start their journey from Bandung, they can pass Cianjur – Sukabumi – Jampang Tengah – Jampang Kulon – Surade – Ujung Genteng – Gunungbatu and then they can go to Pangumbahan Beach using two-wheeled transportation such as private motorbikes or motorbikes. However, to save costs, it is better if visitors bring private vehicles.

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Tourism Object on Pangumbahan Beach

1. Silica Sand

Pangumbahan Beach is often the oldest rock complex in West Java resulting in a unique sand known as silica or quartz sand. This sand is often used as a base for making glass, ceramics, and water filters.

Silica sand on this beach is also very clean and looks white. Silica sand has unique properties, especially when it is exposed to sunlight, it will look shiny and smooth. Visitors can take advantage of this condition to simply play sand, volleyball, and play ball.

2. There are Lots of Green Turtles

This beach complex has a green turtle breeding ground. There are thousands of turtles passing by, laying eggs, and so on. Such scenery does not necessarily exist on other beaches in Indonesia. At least visitors can find out about the turtle breeding process and can also take pictures as documentation.

Even so, visitors must be careful when in the turtle breeding complex. This is intended so that turtle activity is not disturbed, so that visitors are only allowed to see green turtles until late afternoon.

A unique sight is the release of green turtle cubs to the high seas. Thousands of young turtles will be released so they can live freely in the high seas and its surroundings. Remembering the blue turtle is an animal that is protected by the government. This may be something new that a visitor has seen in person.

3. The Right Surf Spot

The sea on this beach is perfect for surfing or surfing. It is not surprising that many foreign tourists visit there to surf because the waves are not too calm and high enough.

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You can bring your own needs to surf from home, because there are not many facilities that support surfing activities. Visitors can be satisfied surfing on the high and beautiful high waves. This is coupled with sea conditions that are not filled with many rocks and the like.

4. Beautiful beaches

Pangumbahan Beach is a beach that is still beautiful. This is because there are not many natural conditions that have changed or still look very natural. There are not many street vendors and the like, making the beach much cleaner and less trashy.

The beauty of Pangumbahan Beach actually makes many tourists interested in visiting there. Especially for visitors who like quiet tourist destinations, this beach is perfect for them to just calm and refresh.

5. Place for Camping

Pangumbahan Beach is also very suitable for camping with friends and family. Surely you have to keep the beach clean and not interfere with turtle activities. It would be nice for visitors to also bring camping equipment and necessities from home, because there are not many camping facilities available there.

6. Sunrise and Sunset views

Its strategic location, on this beach visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The view of the emergence of the sun on Pangumbahan Beach is something that is often awaited by visitors to just see, take pictures, to take pictures with the background of this scenery, as well as the sunset view.

7. View of the Trench and the Blue Ocean

Pangumbahan is a sloping beach and there is an exotic-shaped trough. This is a special attraction that makes the view of this beach more beautiful. Visitors can take advantage of this to just take selfies or make the scene as a photo background.

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In addition, the sea on Pangumbahan Beach is also added with a bluish appearance. Getting to the middle of the sea color seems to be bluer The combination of a beautiful beach trough with a blue sea is a distinctive sight on this beach.

That is the review of Pangumbahan Beach which is no less interesting than the beaches in Bali. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Sukabumi area themselves and should not miss this beach tourist destination.


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