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Long vacation is coming soon? Do you think you already have a vacation agenda? Maybe most of them will choose the beach as their main tourist destination. One of them is Panau Beach, which is located on Batam Island.

Panau Beach is indeed famous for its natural charm which is still natural and also charming. In addition, there are also other tourist objects that adorn this beach, namely the old city which is one of the centers of Islamic civilization brought by traders from Siak in the past.

Entrance ticket prices at Panau Beach

Regarding the price of the entrance ticket from Panau Beach, it is actually still affordable for tourists visiting this beach. Each ticket is priced at IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 only. In addition, those of you who bring a private vehicle will usually be charged a special parking fee for your vehicle.

For those of you who are interested in visiting Panau Beach for the first time, you don’t need to worry. This is because access to this beach is actually not difficult. You just need to find a route to the area called Kabil.

Then after finding the area, you can find information about the route to Kampung Panau, which is the location where Panau Beach is located. If you are still having trouble regarding the route in question, you can ask for the route to PT Nexus.

Why stick to that place? This is because this beach is located close to the company. In addition, when directed from PT Nexus, visitors are rarely confused about the route to Panau Beach Batam.

Tips for traveling to Panau Beach

For those of you who want to visit this beach, of course you have to prepare everything well. Starting from supplies and also ensuring the condition of your body so that it will be maximized when you get there. So, when you are traveling, you will be safe.

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9 Panau Beach Tourism Object

If you see, there are actually a lot of beach tourist destinations that you can visit to fill your long vacation time. Surely you must have a planning of which tourist destinations you will visit later. So, when the vacation day arrives you can travel to these attractions.

One of them is Panau Beach, which is located on Batam Island. Many visitors choose this beach as their main tourist destination. Because the charm is beautiful and still natural. In addition, with calm beach conditions, tourists are free to swim here.

Well, for more details, just see the following full review regarding the beauty of Panau Beach and what tourist objects that beautify this Panau Beach.

1. City of thick history

Who doesn’t know the beauty of this Panau Beach. Besides showing the beauty of a typical beach panorama. This beach is also known for its old town which is thick with its history in the past, namely Panau Village, which is the main stopover for traders from Siak.

Do you remember the term Siak in social studies lessons? Where is one of the cities that became the center of civilization from the Islamic religion brought by traders from Siak in the past. So that while traveling, your insight into history will also increase.

From here, you will get to know more about the culture and life patterns of the indigenous people who live here. That way, your trip to Batam Island will feel even more memorable at heart.

2. Natural beaches

The main destination of Batam Island is known for its natural beauty which has become a tourist destination for various tourists, both foreign and domestic. Why do many people visit this beach? The reasons may vary, but when viewed from the condition of the beach here it still seems natural and is perfect for relaxing.

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3. Friendly Waves

For those of you who like playing water on the beach, maybe you can visit Panau Beach. This is because, you will find the atmosphere of the ocean waves which are calm and not too big. With this condition, of course, visitors can swim and play in the shallow sea while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the sea.

4. Underwater Beauty

After being explained in point 3 above regarding the friendly atmosphere of the waves, it is definitely safe to dive. For those of you who have a hobby of diving, you can visit this Panau Beach. This is because of the beauty of its amazing underwater garden decorated with coral reefs and small fish swimming around it.

Of course, your diving atmosphere will feel good, right? If you don’t believe it, please just come to the beach directly.

5. Sufficiently Complete Facilities

Talking about the facilities at this one tourist attraction, you can actually say that it is quite complete. This can be seen from the general facilities that are already available to visitors. This is because, the location of Panaunya Beach is also close to residential areas.

Meanwhile, for other facilities, this beach is not fully equipped. Even so, there are still advantages. Where the natural atmosphere on Panau Beach is really well maintained.

6. There are spots for hunting photos

For those of you who have a main hobby of hunting photos with a natural beach theme. This beach is perfect for your hobby. Because Panau Beach is no less interesting for taking nice photos. You can also take a view of the calm beach waves and also take photos of the evening atmosphere on this beach. Surely the results are cool, right?

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Besides that, you can also take photos at other places around Panau Beach which are also often used as the object of photography targets by tourists who travel here. In fact, you can also search for photo spots yourself to get satisfying results.

7. Beautiful Sunset

Apart from the calm condition of the beach waves, the atmosphere at dusk here is equally cool. The view of the sunset is indeed a beautiful setting for the eye. Especially for those of you who are just visiting here, don’t forget to see this beautiful moment. You can also capture it with the camera you have.

8. Waving Palm Tree

Usually the view on the beach is synonymous with palm trees that are neatly lined up. On this Panau Beach also offers views of the palm trees. Even though it may look ordinary, it still makes the scenery around the beach look beautiful.

Even if you look at it from the evening, the sight of palm trees waving in the ocean breeze is certainly a sight to entertain yourself. You can also immortalize it because you don’t necessarily see it on another beach.

9. White Sand

Beaches with white sand are indeed more attractive to visitors. This is because it makes the scenery around the beach look more enchanting and charming. Panau Beach also offers the beauty of this white sand. How, looks so beautiful right?

The 9 attractions above are highly recommended for you to try. Have a good vacation.


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