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Pailus Beach is located in Karanggondang village, Mlonggo sub-district, Jepara district. The condition of this beach is still virgin or has not been visited by many tourists so that it is still natural and clean from trash. In addition, around the beach, it is also free from building stalls or traders that roam around the beach. So you can more freely enjoy the quiet beach from the hustle and bustle of this city.

To support the beach atmosphere which is quiet, clean, and natural, the Karanggondang village government makes restrictions and sanctions for anyone who wants to build buildings around the beach. In addition to avoiding piles of trash from stalls or traders around the shoreline, this prohibition is also made to support the beach atmosphere so that it feels like private property.

Entrance Ticket Prices on Pailus Beach

  • Admission on Monday-Saturday is free
  • Entrance ticket for motorbikes on Sundays or national holidays is IDR 3,000
  • Entrance ticket for cars on Sundays or national holidays IDR 5,000
  • Entrance ticket during Eid holidays or Shawalan week is IDR 10,000
  • The cost for a rinse bath is Rp 2,000
  • The fee for renting a small tire is IDR 5,000
  • The fee for renting a large tire is IDR 10,000

The access road to Pailus beach is now starting to be repaired, there is a gate and also a guide so you won’t be confused. The road to Pailus beach is also paved so that it can be passed by cars or motorbikes. If you come from Semarang then you can take a bus heading for Jepara, then change to a bus heading for Mlonggo. Arriving at Mlonggo sub-district, you can rent a motorcycle taxi to Pailus.

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The distance between Pailus beach and the city center of Jepara is only about 13.4 km to the north, or about 26 minutes by motorbike or private car. From the Jepara square then walk along the Jepara-Bangsri road, at the traffic light T-junction turn left towards the Mlonggo-Blondo road until you pass the Blebak beach gate. The beach is located north of Blebak beach and is only limited by a few rice fields.

Tourism Object on Pailus Beach, Jepara

1. Natural Beach

Around Pailus beach, you can rarely find food stalls or rental places for tires / buoys or boats. The condition of the beach is very natural with several shady trees decorating the edge of the sea. In addition, the white sand in Pailus is still clean and far from rubbish. Even near the beach you can see views of green rice fields that can calm your mind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Close to residential areas

The distance between the residents’ houses and the beach is about 10 meters so it is not far from the shoreline. And if visitors need something, they can come to the homes of residents who are mostly fishermen and craftsmen who are very friendly. Apart from providing processed seafood, some houses also provide lodging for those of you who spend the night. That way you can push the people’s economy forward.

3. Private Beach

Even though the residents’ houses are very close to the beach, you can still enjoy the “private beach” atmosphere in Pailus. The very long coastline of Pailus coupled with rows of waru, pandanus trees and so on makes the beach conditions even more shady and very romantic to visit with your partner. You are even free to set up tents to camp with the community because it is far from the hustle and bustle of traders.

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4. Spot Instagramable

The beach atmosphere is shady, quiet, and free from the general public, making Pailus beach very suitable for Instagram photo hunting activities. There are several interesting spots that you can try, such as lounge chairs made of woven ropes around the tree. In addition, there is also a gazebo with the words “Pantai Pailus” with a beach background that has become an icon for photo hunting for both domestic and foreign visitors.

5. Suitable for Swimming

Besides being able to enjoy the view on the beach, you can also invite your family to swim. Because Pailus beach is a sloping bay and has waves that are not too big, so it is safe to use for swimming or just playing water there. Besides having a rinse area, Pailus beach also provides a buoy or tire rental place at a low price.

6. Fish Collecting Place

Apart from having a vacation, you can also watch the fishermen relaxing during the day, and getting ready to go to sea in the afternoon. You can also find a fish collection point not far from Pailus beach. So you can buy fish caught by fishermen directly on the spot. Even some residents also have their own milkfish ponds which are not far from the shoreline.

7. Sunset and Sunrise

From Pailus beach you can see the enchanting view of the PLTU, especially at dusk when the sky above the sea turns reddish yellow. The atmosphere becomes very peaceful accompanied by the soothing land breeze. The beauty at sunrise is equally enchanting, where the sun’s rays will reflect over the white sand and sea level of Pailus beach.

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Enjoying a vacation is indeed the most perfect in a quiet, lonely, and cool tourist place, so that the mind that is too late will come back fresh. For that, if you are around Jepara then it is better to stop first at Pailus beach. A good time to visit is from morning to evening. And you should enjoy the beach when it’s dry so that the sea water is not cloudy due to rain.


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