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Going to Bali has become a routine that is often done by people who are already working and students. However, usually this tour is identified by visiting Kuta Beach, which has become the mascot for beaches in Bali.

Actually the island of Bali has lots of beautiful and charming beaches apart from Kuta Beach. For example, Padang Padang Beach also offers a lot of natural beauty.

This beach also has another name, namely Labuan Sait Beach. Padang Padang Beach is included in the beach which is crowded with domestic and foreign tourists. The uniqueness on offer is this beach has a hilly area decorated with shady trees and rocks.

In addition, to go to this beach visitors are required to go down the stairs which are only used for one person path. This beach was once visited by Julia Roberts who is a Hollywood actress, so those of you who visit can show it off on Instagram.

Price of admission

For those of you who are interested in visiting this beach, you need to prepare some money to pay for the entrance ticket. The admission price for domestic tourists is IDR 5,000 for each person. Meanwhile, foreign tourists will be charged IDR 10,000 for each person.

The road to get to this beach from Ngurah Rai Airport is quite far, which is about 20.2 km. If you use a vehicle, it will take 36 minutes. The order of the road names that must be traversed can be found through Google Maps.

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The first time, you have to rent a private vehicle. After that, direct the vehicle to Jalan Airport Ngurah Rai. After that, direct the vehicle to the south, namely Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. Then, turn right onto Jalan Uluwatu II.

Follow the road until you meet a roundabout and turn left onto Jalan Raya Uluwatu. Then after that, head to Jalan Raya Uluwatu Pecatu. Follow the main route until you meet the Hideaway Villas Resort Pecatu intersection and turn right.

The name of the street is Jalan Labuan Sait. Follow the main road until you reach the entrance to Padang Padang Beach.

Attractions in Padang Padang Beach

1. Enjoy the charm of natural beauty

This beach has white sand, so even though it’s daytime it won’t absorb the heat. In addition, this beach has very clear water, because there is no litter that is littered. There are lots of rocks towering on the edge of the cliff near the shore.

When the visitor descends the stairs to get to the beach part, you will be greeted by lots of monkeys there. Be careful with your belongings, especially for food.

2. Surf

Padang Padang Beach is still rarely visited by tourists and has a relatively calm atmosphere, making it suitable for learning to surf for beginners. There are many offers for tourists to learn to surf.

Even for students who are truly laymen, there will be professional assistance to teach surfing. So for those of you who are just learning to surf, you don’t need to worry and be taught until there is progress.

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3. Enjoy a meal at Blue Heaven Restaurant

This restaurant is located on Jalan Labuan Sait, Uluwatu, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Regarding opening hours, this restaurant is open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Here, visitors who come can order some fast food while looking at the beautiful sea, because this restaurant is located close to the beach. Apart from fast food, this place also provides menus such as soup and fried rice.

There are many types of desserts that are offered too, such as blackforest cake and pancakes. As for drinks, this restaurant provides a menu such as juice. Apart from food and beverages, this restaurant also provides other facilities, namely a swimming pool.

4. Overnight at Suarga Padang Padang

There have been many positive responses from tourists who have stayed at the Suarga Padang Padang hotel. Almost all visitors praised the design echo which is the cooling system right at the top of the mattress.

This inn also offers facilities in the form of a place to eat which is often accompanied by amazing music from musicians who work at this hotel. If you use the swimming pool facilities here, you will be able to see the amazing views around the beach.

5. Play water and swim

The most common activity carried out in the coastal area is swimming. This place is very comfortable to use for swimming, because the water is warm and still clean. However, keep in mind that in the area near the beach the waves are not big, as long as they are not in the middle.

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This place is highly recommended to visit, because you will be able to play water with friends freely, because there are not many visitors who come here. So, you can more freely take pictures in this place.



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