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The beauty of Ora Beach in the Maluku Islands has indeed spread throughout the world. The exoticism of the scenery is even juxtaposed with world paradise such as the Maldives and Bora-Bora. So it is not surprising that Ora Beach has become one of the main destinations for foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

The attractiveness of Ora Beach lies not only in the beauty of the beach or the diversity of marine life that makes it beautiful divers drooling. But also the floating resort phenomenon that makes it one of the ideal tourist objects. Just imagine vacationing and staying at a resort with background the blue sea sparkled as far as the eye could see.

Ora Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

Unlike other tourist attractions that require visitors to pay when entering. Setting foot on Ora Island is FREE! It’s just that, you should also be tolerant when spending a lot of money on transportation. If you come from Jakarta, you can drain your wallet at least IDR 5,000,000 just for tickets to and fro.

This fee does not include accommodation if you want to stay at Ora Beach. If you have an excess budget, you can try the very famous Ora Beach Resort (Booking long ago due to the limited number of rooms). But if you want to be frugal, then you can stay at the local residents’ houses around Ora Beach.

Ora Beach has a strategic location, because it is flanked by Saleman and Sawai villages. Both of which are known as the land or traditional village. This beach is located in North Seram District, Central Maluku. And it is one of the MUST visit destinations when you are on vacation in the Maluku Islands area, if you are not guaranteed to regret it.

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If you come from outside the city, for example Jakarta, you must provide a large enough budget because of the high cost of airplanes. While the routes that can be used as guidelines are as follows:

  • Take a flight, for example Jakarta – Ambon
  • From Ambon, head to Hunara Port in Tuleho then take a ferry to Amahai, Seram Island. This ferry has a passenger capacity of 350 people. Meanwhile, the departure schedule is only 2 times a day (Monday – Saturday), and 1 time (Sunday). So make sure that you confirm correctly.
  • Arriving at Amahai, you are required to rent a vehicle, because there is no public transportation to the port of Saleman Village. It takes about 2.5 hours with beautiful views of the hills along the way.
  • Arriving at the Port of Saleman Village, you can rent a small motorized boat to take you to Ora Island. The travel time is only 15 minutes.

Attractions in Ora Beach

1. Honeymoon

Confused where to plan your honeymoon? You don’t need to go far abroad, because you can find a hidden paradise in your own country. Spending a honeymoon at Ora Beach is certainly everyone’s dream, to add a romantic feel, you can stay at Ora Beach Resort. Even though the price is very expensive, however worth it.

2. Snorkeling and Diving

Ora Island is also very famous for its natural beauty under the sea. Various marine life that can make your eyes amazed are here. And interestingly, tourists don’t need to snorkel too deep to be able to find this exotic phenomenon. Because at a depth of 2 meters, you can already see coral reefs and fish.

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3. Culinary Hunting

If you come to Ora Beach, don’t forget to hunt for traditional culinary specialties of the residents here. Generally, the staple food of the people of Maluku is sago which is eaten with dried fish. To make it feel more complete, you can also immediately see the process of making sago so that the culinary hunting event will be even more impressive.

4. Explore Goa

One of the adventure activities that can be done at Ora Beach is by exploring a cave. For activity lovers outdoor, of course this will be very fun. For more safety, you should bring guide local.

5. Photo Hunting

Ora Beach is a paradise for photographers who like to hunt for natural beauty. Beautiful white sand, blue sea with traditional resorts standing on it, coupled with the steep background and charming green mountains. Surely you will not be able to stop being amazed.

6. Cultural Tourism

For cultural observers or those who are interested in traditional things who come to Ora Beach, it is not complete without exploring the various cultures here. As a brief information, that the Seram Islands are inhabited by the Alifuru tribe, which you may have read in elementary history books. And also other primitive tribes such as the Hoaulu and so on.

7. Camping

Camping activities in the Ora Beach area are mostly carried out by backpackers, who not only want to save budget but also feel a different sensation. You can set up a tent and spend the night in a coastal area close to the cliff. Of course, it is very exciting to spend the night accompanied by the singing of the waves.

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For those who have dreams of visiting Ora Beach, actually, they don’t need to be afraid of expensive rates. To save expenses, then you can share costs with other backpacker friends.


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