Note Carefully! These are 9 Predictions for Lebaran 2018 Homecoming Traffic Traffic Points


Travel Blog Indonesia – Welcoming the approaching Eid Al-Fitr, it’s time to prepare yourself to hang out on the streets with other travelers. Even though it is tiring, going home will feel incomplete without traffic jams. This is where the excitement of going home, join the ranks of the nomads who want to celebrate in their hometowns.

There are several roads that become regular traffic points during homecoming every year. The point which for some travelers inevitably has to be passed. Then what about this 2018 homecoming party? The following is the prediction of the 2018 homecoming congestion points compiled by Reservations:

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Peacock Toll

This toll road at the western tip of Java Island is never absent from being crowded with vehicles from year to year, both travelers heading to or leaving the Merak Port, Banten.

Before entering the Jakarta Toll Road, the Merak toll road became an inevitable congestion point. Not to mention that several trucks are usually still desperate to pass by in the days leading up to Eid.

Cikampek toll road

Not the Cikampek toll road if it is free from traffic jams during the homecoming party. This road section is arguably the gateway to and from Jakarta. Before scattering towards Pantura or Bandung, all four-wheeled vehicles or more crowded here.

Pejagan Toll Road

From the Cikampek toll road, travelers who continue to take the Cipali canal will find another traffic jam around Pejagan. The travelers who have just entered from Cirebon and its surroundings will add to the congestion of traffic conditions on the Pejagan Toll Road.

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Maya Tegal intersection

For those who choose the non-toll Pantura route, Simpang Maya Tegal seems to be a regular traffic jam like in previous years. This intersection leads to Pantura and the middle route to Purwokerto.

Usually travelers who do not want to join the congestion on the Brebes Toll Road will take the direction of Simpang Maya and then move south.

Pemalang-Batang Toll Road

The homecoming trend that has never subsided from year to year is the enthusiasm of travelers to try out new roads. This year the Pemalang-Batang Toll Road to Semarang is reportedly ready to operate.

For those of you who are interested in trying out this new toll road, be prepared to face long traffic jams.

Semarang-Bawen toll road

Entering the capital city of Central Java, travelers who will move to Yogyakarta, Salatiga, Solo, and surrounding areas are also prepared to face congestion on the Semarang-Bawen toll road.

Moreover, the entrance to the Bawen-Salatiga Toll Road has a beautiful view that can be an attraction. Get ready, surely there are many travelers who want to see it up close.

1600653660 552 Note Carefully These are 9 Predictions for Lebaran 2018 Homecoming - Note Carefully!  These are 9 Predictions for Lebaran 2018 Homecoming Traffic Traffic Points


The non-toll route from Semarang to the South via one regular traffic point is Ambarawa. The road around Ambarawa Market is relatively narrow and usually filled with impromptu traders.

So for those of you who intend to cross this area, be prepared to face the many spilled markets that have sprung up ahead of Eid.


Switching to the Southern route, Nagreg becomes a regular traffic point every Eid homecoming. Not only cars and buses, travelers on motorbikes also contribute to the density figure. This year also seems to be the same, traffic jams in Nagreg will still occur.

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Roads that have sharp bends are also prone to accidents. So, those of you who plan to cross the Nagreg must be more careful.

Kediri Kediri T-junction

Moving to East Java, there is a Kediri mengkreng junction, which is also not free from traffic jams every Lebaran homecoming. This road section is the gateway to and from Central Java.

The Mengkreng T-junction is the meeting point of the currents from the direction of Jombang, Kertosono and Kediri. The existence of souvenir sellers has added to the congestion of road conditions.

Of the nine prediction points above, is one of them your homecoming route?


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