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Batam Island is not only famous as the outermost island in western Indonesia which is only a few miles from the tiny country of Singapore and is a major stopover for imported goods before being distributed throughout Indonesia. Most of the people favor this island in Riau Province as the center of square off to Singapore with cheap tickets, but why should we go to another country if Indonesia alone has various natural paradises that we should be grateful for and enjoy.

One of the natural tourist paradises is even located on Batam Island. Yep, the island is known as customs check island this is indeed relatively small and its location is separate from one of the three largest islands in Indonesia, Sumatra Island. Batam Island is surrounded by wide seas ranging from the Riau Sea to the territorial areas of neighboring countries because it is not far from the Singapore Strait.

Nongsa Beach Batam

One of the beaches that are famous for their beauty and exoticism on Batam Island is Nongsa Beach. Anyone who intends to cross to Singapore will think twice when they see this natural paradise with the wonders of its natural beauty and ecosystem and will certainly prefer to spend time on this exotic beach.

Taken from the name of a Malay figure who built the city of Batam which is now an industrial city, Nongsa Beach is famous for its blue sea waves, vast white sand, coral reefs to the arena. outbound and views of the real islands of Sumatra and Singapore.

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This quiet beach, which is far from the bustling urban atmosphere, not only provides various natural facilities ranging from natural sea water, white sand, lush trees and extraordinary views, but of course there are public facilities that can be used from luxury resorts with golf courses, houses. meals, ATMs, bathrooms, prayer rooms and large parking lots.

However, due to its location which is far from urban areas, the beach which is located less than 20 minutes to the shopping center, Malay village and Vietnamese refugee camp has no lifeguards so that vigilance is still prioritized even though many local residents and resort managers are on guard there.

Entrance ticket prices at Nongsa Beach

Entering the beach with a million charms ranging from natural and natural waves, rows of rocks, white sand to views of the islands of Sumatra and Singapore. The entrance fee is only subject to a tariff of Rp. 10,000 per person which is also a variety of other natural beauty bonuses where the beach is open 24 hours every day so that visitors will be increasingly spoiled with endless charm.

For Sumatran people, especially those who live in Pangkal Pinang or around Riau Province, it certainly won’t be difficult to reach this island just by speed boat can be reached even though the distance of the island to the neighboring country is much closer. Meanwhile, visitors who come from outside the island can land at Hang Nadim Airport in about 40 minutes using public transportation.

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The detailed location of this exotic beach is located in Nongsa District, precisely in Nongsa Village, Sambau Village, Batam, which is far from the nuances of the busy city so it is suitable as a place of relaxation.

Tourism Object on Nongsa Beach

1. Spot Snorkeling

Nongsa Beach This not only displays stunning views over the sea but also under the sea which is still natural and beautiful so it is highly recommended for every visitor to dive around it with a marine ecosystem that bewitches every pair of eyes.

2. Wharf with Shady Artificial Forest

The city government presents a pier that makes visitors feel like they are in a film at a glance Manchester by the Sea with a small artificial forest that adds to the exotic feel. This pier was made for none other than so that visitors can take a closer look at the crowded atmosphere of foreign ships transiting at a nearby port.

3. Night View

In contrast to other beaches where the view is not visible at night, a bonus for visitors to Nongsa Beach who will be presented with dazzling lights. Located half an hour from the busy small country of Singapore and its geographic as a major transit island makes it an advantageous position with the glittering lights to be seen.

4. Spot Sunset

For the island, which is located in the very tip of Indonesia, it is not surprising that sunset it will be so charming plus the peaceful atmosphere that can be enjoyed both from the pier, resort luxury or under a coconut tree.

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5. Spot Photos

It is unfortunate if visitors do not take advantage of the moment. Half an hour from Singapore, off the island of Sumatra, surrounded by foreign ships, sea waves, white sand, snorkeling and the coral reefs make this beach has many extraordinary photo spots.

Nongsa Beach Batam is an icon of pride for the Indonesian people as proof that Indonesia is a place for hidden paradises of its beauty and beauty as well as its advantageous geographical bonus.


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