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If you have plans to take a vacation or explore Southeast Maluku, then make sure that Ngurtavur Beach is inside bucket list You. Because if not, it is guaranteed to regret prolonged. Ngurtavur Beach is the most popular tourist attraction in the Maluku Islands. Because this beach presents an unusual miracle phenomenon, namely the split sea.

At Ngurtavur Beach, tourists can feel the sensation of walking on 2 km of white sand, while on either side of you is a clear and very wide ocean. Just imagining it makes the heart race, right? If all this time you have only witnessed events like that in the Hollywood film, then now is the time to try it in the real world.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Ngurtavur Beach

Actually, entering Ngurtavur Beach is free, tourists will not be charged a penny. In addition, you will not also find an entrance ticket counter. What makes this tourist destination expensive is the transportation. Especially for tourists who come from outside the island. It is not surprising then that many think many times or choose to just give up.

If you come from Jakarta, then at least you need a minimum of IDR 8,000,000. That, too, can only cover the cost of transportation for round-trip plane tickets and boat rentals. Not including the cost of lodging, meals, and so on. Therefore, make sure that your savings are sufficient before coming to this place.

Ngurtavur Beach is located on Warbal Island, which is still part of the Kei Islands region, in Southeast Maluku Province. If you come from the capital city of Jakarta, the travel time needed to get to this place is quite long. Therefore, it is not surprising that this destination is included in the tourist list that is devoid of visitors, especially since the budget required is also large.

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The following below is a guide to go to Ngurtavur Beach:

  • Take the Jakarta – Ambon flight
  • Continuing the Ambon – Tual flight
  • Take a boat from Debut port in Tual (Main Island) to Ngurtavur. The time is around 1-2 hours

Attractions in Ngurtavur Beach

1. Sand arises

Ngurtavur Beach is one of the few beaches in the world with an amazing phenomenon of rising sand. Therefore, come at the right time and you will see the ocean parting at low tide. Amazingly, this road in the middle of the sea is about 2 km long with a snake-like texture.

2. Snorkeling

In addition to its burnt island that makes the tongue never stop amazed, the natural beauty of the underwater world of Ngurtavur Beach is no less exotic. For those of you who have a hobby of snorkeling or diving, don’t forget to bring your equipment to explore Ngurtavur’s marine wealth. Guaranteed you won’t want to go home again when you’ve tried it.

3. Swimming

The charm of the crystal clear waters of Ngurtavur Beach, which is very tempting, cannot be refused by anyone. Tourists who manage to reach this place will definitely throw themselves into the water. Just imagine swimming in the open sea as if without edges, especially accompanied by the rare phenomenon of the appearance of a burnt island in the middle of the ocean. who can stand?

4. Turtle Conservation

When visiting Ngurtavur Beach, don’t forget to also visit the leatherback or Tabob turtle breeding. This type of animal is one of the few rare turtle species that still exist in the world. Because it is threatened with extinction, then a breeding place is built to protect it. This place itself is managed by World Wide Fund for Nature.

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5. Watch Australian Pelicans

If you happen to visit during the migration season, you will be lucky to see a group of Australian Pelicans that often hang out on Ngurtavur Beach. For the people of Indonesia, the presence of this bird is quite rare. So it’s a shame if it isn’t immortalized by a camera.

6. Photo Hunting

The beauty of Ngurtavfur Beach has indeed succeeded in inviting domestic and foreign photography lovers to come to this place. This beautiful and rare natural masterpiece is indeed neat when immortalized with a camera. Especially for drone users, surely their hands will immediately itch to take photos of beautiful burnt islands from the air.

7. Hunt for Sunset

The phenomenon of sunset or sunset on Ngurtavur Beach is absurdly beautiful. Therefore, it is not surprising that tourists who come are willing to wait a long time to see this natural work. Here, you can see the shadow of the sun sinking over the ocean without being obstructed by anything, it’s really extraordinary.

The high budget that must be spent to get to Ngurtavur Beach has indeed discouraged many people. However, a true traveler would not waste the opportunity to visit this hidden paradise in Southeast Sulawesi, right? Believe that the money spent, will be worth what you get.


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