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Do you feel all day long with a lot of work every day? Need interesting entertainment with nature? Then the beach is one of the best choices. Blue sea water can relieve stress. Accompanied by the soft sand that will relax your body and feet. The beach is also able to provide freshness, you will be ready to go back to your activities with enthusiasm.

If you live in Malang Regency, East Java, then one of the beaches that you must visit is Ngliyep Beach. This beach has incredible views and soft white sand. Guaranteed, you will feel at home for a long time on the beach. Are you curious about what locations and beach activities can be done there? Check out the following explanation, yes!

Entrance ticket prices at Ngliyep Beach

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach, you only need to spend around IDR 15,000.00 for one entry per person. Regarding the price of lodging, public toilets, and parking, the price is separate! The motorbike parking fee is Rp.5,000.00 for a car, Rp.10,000.00. The maximum parking hours per day, for parking for more than that will be subject to additional fees.

Surely you have been wondering, right, how to reach this beach? Located in Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo Malang, East Java, you definitely have to know which route is easy to pass.

If you start your journey from downtown Malang, please take the route directly to Karang Kates or Kepanjen. After that, follow the main road, go straight to the Pagak area. From Pagak, take the road to Donomulyo, later you will find a signpost that directs you to Ngliyep Beach. Just follow!

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If you start your journey from another city such as Sidoarjo, Surabaya, or Pasuruan then you have to go to Malang City first. Then follow the path as described above. Pasuruan / Surabaya / Sidoarjo – Malang City – Karang Kates – Pagak – Donomulyo – Ngliyep Beach.

Travel by private car or motorbike is still the recommended option. However, if you come from outside the province or do backpackers, you can rent a motorbike or car from Malang City. Or, you can also use public transportation. Kepanjen Station – walk to Jl. A.Yani – GN line 1 or GN line 2 transport.

Tourism Object on Ngliyep Beach

Various interesting things that you can do on this beach include:

1. Explore the coast

For those of you who like adventure, you can explore by walking from end to end. You can even walk up to Pasir Panjang Beach which is located right next to it. There is a lot to enjoy, the blue sea, the breeze, the forest, the amazing view, and for those of you who like to make Vlog videos, this place is a very good spot and is still anti-mainstream.

2. Beach Camping and Overnight

Today’s young people love this activity. Ngliyep Beach is often used for camping events, nights of intimacy, and the like. In the evening you are treated to starches that look so clear. If you are lucky, during the full moon you will be accompanied by a beautiful moon that looks very big and bright when doing activities at night.

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For those of you who don’t like sleeping in a tent, lodging is also available. Prices vary, ranging from IDR 100,000.00 – IDR 200,000.00 per night. It all depends on the facilities you get.

3. Bay tours

Ngliyep Beach has a beautiful, hilly bay. The hill is not that high, but it is able to provide a striking natural accent in collaboration with a thick sandy bay. The bay is called Teluk Putri. What can be done in this bay? Besides enjoying the beauty, you can retreat, relax, and unwind accompanied by the quite large waves.

4. Playing Sand

The sand on Ngliyep Beach is soft and the tones are slightly large. Those of you who bring the children can invite them to play with sand. It will be fun. Bring equipment in the form of small buckets, shovels, and other supportive children’s toys to be able to play with sand. You can also write in the sand, bury your half body while braving the heat, sunbathing, and so on.

5. Take a photo of Ria

It feels bad if you go to the beach without having a photo session. Ngliyep Beach is very instagramable, you know! Especially if it is supported by professional shooting. You can use the background of the sea, sand, bay, beach, even perforated coral which will be clearly visible at low tide. You will certainly exist more. Photo ala – ala milky – way you can also make at night.

6.Pewedding photos

Do you already have plans for marriage in the near future. Confused about the location of the epic nature-themed pre-wedding photos? Ngliyep Beach is the answer. Combined with matching costumes and several properties will definitely make your photos more attractive. You can take pictures with partners with the theme of nautical, adventure, romance, and others.

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7. Cultural Tourism

Not just for beach tourism, it turns out that you can also do cultural tourism. Unfortunately only on certain days. Like every 14th of Rabiulawal. On the beach there is always a Labuhan ritual that must be done since the time of Mbah Atun. He is the first person to discover this beach. If you are lucky you will get food from the event as a blessing.

Apart from that, there is also jaranan or jathilan art as a series of events from Labuhan. Accompanied by a procession of offerings brought to Mount Kombang which is located not far from the beach. You can follow by walking behind it. Wow, how interesting isn’t it?

Those are seven interesting tourist objects and things you can do around Ngliyep Beach. Interested in coming? On holidays or weekends the beach is crowded. So, if you want to come to retreat, please come on a weekday. Don’t forget to keep the beach clean!


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