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Want a relaxing and fun vacation on the beach but with an anti-mainstream atmosphere and attractions? Nglambor Beach is the right recommendation for your holiday destination reference. The reason is because one of the beaches in Gunungkidul has a charm that will make you miss after visiting it. This beach has a beautiful shape, making anyone proud of Indonesian tourism.

Nglambor Beach is bordered by the Indian Ocean, therefore the waves on this beach are quite hard. However, there are areas where you can do snorkeling and diving tours. The location of this beach is very strategic, flanked by two well-known beaches in Yogyakarta, namely Jogan and Siung Beach. In the past, not many visited Nglambor beach, but after the development of technology and social media, visitors also increased.

Price of admission

You can get all of the fun of snorkeling, seeing coral reefs and fish on Ngalmbor beach, or enjoying attractive beach views. For that, you only need to pay an affordable entrance ticket, even the tours you get are better and there are lots of them.

The ticket costs only IDR 6,000 / person. Then for motorbike parking costs only Rp. 2,000, – and parking for four-wheeled vehicles such as Rp. 5,000 for cars. With these very cheap prices, beach holidays do not need to be far and expensive to get interesting sights and attractions. Some of the attractions on the Nglambor beach will be explained below.

Access and routes to Nglambor beach are said to be a slightly difficult route. But you don’t need to worry because the trip will pay off completely with the attractions on Nglambor Beach. To go to this unique beach, you can start from the city of Yogyakarta. Continue on to Jalan Wonosari to arrive at Piyungan.

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When you arrive at Piyungan you will pass the Bintang hill. Then head to Patuk and Sambipitu. After that drive towards the Wonosari City Government. When you get there, please head towards Tepus, Menthel, Cabean, then Bintaos. From Bintaos you will arrive at the Tepus sub-district office, then head to Tepus village, Gesing, after that Purwodadi.

From Purwodadi, you are almost close to Nglambor beach. Direct your vehicle towards the Nagun intersection towards the Siung beach route. From here you will immediately find a levy post. After paying the levy, you can continue the journey to Nglambor beach, which is at the second intersection.

Interesting thing

The natural panorama on Nglambor beach is very interesting and beautiful. But not only that, even on Nglambor beach there are many tourist attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends. What are the attractions provided on this beach in Gunungkidul? This is a tourist attraction on the Nglambor beach.

1. Snorkeling rides

Seeing the marine life in the form of various types of shellfish and fish is a fun and addictive activity. On this beach, these activities can be done. Take it easy, even though the waves are quite big, snorkeling is done in a safe area. This area is flanked by two large shells that are said to be called giant coast guard tortoises.

In addition, complete snorkeling equipment is provided at an affordable rental price. When doing this exciting snorkeling activity, you can enjoy it until you are satisfied. However, it should be noted that you should be careful, especially not to step on coral reefs. If you step on it, it will have an impact on damaged coral reefs.

There are two snorkeling equipment rental places on this Nglambor beach. You can choose one. But before that you better contact the renter to make sure that you don’t run out of time on the spot. Also prepare nature to capture the moment of snorkeling and underwater scenery in the style of the Nglambor beach.

2. Underwater Photos

Recently, photos under sea level have become popular on social media. You can also do this on Gunungkidul beach. prepare a waterproof camera cover with good quality so that sea water does not enter and damage your cellphone. Or if there is, use a special camera underwater.

3. Walk along Nglambor Beach

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After trying various tourist objects such as snorkeling and trekking, it’s time to take a leisurely walk enjoying the beauty of Nglambor beach. Walking along the beach while playing with the sand or tasting the edge of the waves will be very enjoyable. You can also stop by other beaches that are close to this beach.

4. Trekking Path

Nglambor Beach is located in an area that has many cliffs and hills. If you want a challenging natural tour, you can try this trekking ride. then if you have reached the top, you will be able to see the view from the top of the hill. Complete with views of the snorkeling area, two giant rocks, and a beach and horizon landscape. You can also see views of the beaches around Nglambor beach.

After knowing various tourist objects on Nglambor beach such as snorkeling rides, underwater photos, beach walks, as well as hill trekking around Nglambor beach, of course you can’t wait to have a vacation there. Make sure your equipment is ready such as cameras and waterproof containers. So that the holidays become more exciting and fun.


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