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Ngetun Beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach actually has the real name Ngitun which comes from the local language which means peeking. However, because it has become a habit for local residents to pronounce it as Ngetun.

Ngetun Beach is a relatively small beach and is still very natural. Therefore, not many people know about its existence and its details. Even though this beach has a special attraction for visitors by presenting many natural scenery.

Price of admission

To enter Ngetun Beach, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket or retribution fee or it’s free. This is because the local government has not made optimal management of this beach as a tourist destination. Visitors are only charged a motorbike parking fee of IDR 3,000 and IDR 5,000 for a car.

Around Ngetun beach, several facilities are available for the needs of visitors such as parking areas, toilets, stalls, to prayer rooms. So, visitors don’t need to worry if you linger on Ngetun beach because they will still be able to eat near the beach.

The route that can be taken to Ngetun beach if starting from the city of Yogyakarta is through Wonosari – the road to Baron – Mulo T-junction – Tepus turn left or take east – Tepus District – Pulang Sawal or Indrayanti – Pok Tunggal – Seruni Beach and just get to the beach Ngetun.

To get to Ngetun Beach, people often use SDN Gembuk standards. If from downtown Yogyakarta the route is via the ringroad Jl Wonosari – Piyungan – Patuk or Bukit Bintang – Sambipitu – Gading or the airport then head towards Wonosari – Siono – Wonosari city – Baleharjo compound – Mijahan – Semanu – Pasar Minggu – Cuwelo – Giri Panggung – Ngawar -awar – Balong T-junction take the right road towards Purwodadi – Ndakbong – Gesing – SDN Gembuk and always follow the small paved road – Ngetun beach.

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Interesting thing

1. Suitable for fishing

In the sea, there are lots of marine life that are easily found, such as fish, lobsters and turtles. Therefore it is very suitable to be used as a fishing spot, including for visitors. Many local residents also often fish for lobsters around this beach such as from the top of the hill or on the beach.

2. There are many turtles

Ngetun Beach turns out to be a place where turtles land and lay eggs. This is because this beach is still relatively quiet and safe for turtle activities. This view is rarely found on other beaches, so that it is the main attraction for this beach.

Visitors will also find many other marine animals that are unique to Ngetun’s beach such as jellyfish, kalomang, and so on. As if on this beach there is a natural aquarium that offers many views related to marine animals. So, visitors can invite the children to see how turtles lay eggs and the like.

3. View of Two Hills beside the Beach

Ngetun Beach has white sand coupled with a view of the two hills that flank this beach. This makes Ngetun beach look very natural and adds to the charm of the beauty of the beach.

The two hills beside the beach are often used by residents as a place to fish for lobsters and so on. Given that many lobsters like to hide behind or around hillside rocks. In addition, the hill can also be a selfie background for visitors and the object of the photo itself.

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4. Scenery Sunrise and Sunset

When evening comes, visitors will be spoiled with a sunset view that makes the sky above the ocean look yellowish and orange. Meanwhile, in the morning the sun appears and can be seen from the beach clearly and adds to the beauty of the beach, where the beach sand looks whiter because of the sun’s rays. This can certainly be a photo object for visitors, especially those who like the world of photography.

5. Welcome Bird Chirp

When visitors arrive at Ngetun’s pentai, they will be greeted by the sound of birds chirping in the trees around the beach. It adds to the beach atmosphere is very peaceful. Visitors can also take shelter from the sun under a tree near the beach, because there is no hut or the like as a place to relax for visitors.

6. View of the Blue Sea

The sea on the beach of Ngetun looks natural blue. This is because this beach is indeed sterile from various rubbish or waste from residents, so its authenticity is still well preserved. The blue sea coupled with the white and clean sand color conditions make this beach look very charming and perfect as a photo background.

When the sea water is receding, you will see small rocks that adorn the lips of the sea. Several small fish were caught in the back and around the reef. In addition, there are also marine plants such as algae and the like adorn these small corals. It adds exotic value to Ngetun beach. So, it’s a shame to miss it.

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7. Suitable for Camping

There are visitors who camp on this beach either with friends or family. Of course, camping is done while maintaining the cleanliness of the beach. However, visitors must bring their own camping equipment and necessities from home because they do not provide them there.

8. Peak Watu Bangku and Watu Gentong

Visitors can take advantage of the hill beside the beach to see views of the beach and sea as a whole. The hilltops are named Watu Bangku and Watu Gentong, where the top of the Watu Bangku is higher. There it is often used as a spot to see the beautiful and natural views of the sea and Ngetun beach.

So are a few reviews about Ngetun beach which can be a solution for your natural tourism. Ngetun beach tourism is very cheap, has many attractions, so that it can be reached by every group of employees, students, and so on.


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