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Ngeden Beach is located in Krambilsawit village, Saptosari sub-district, Gunungkidul district, Yogyakarta. Previously this beach was named Ngedan then after being managed by the government, the surrounding community replaced it with Ngeden beach.

Ngeden Beach is an unspoiled beach because not many tourists know of its existence. Even so, this beach is quite popular among local or surrounding communities, especially nature lovers. There, it presents many amazing natural charms which are the main attraction for tourists.

Price of admission

To enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ngeden beach, visitors do not need to pay an entrance ticket. It’s just that visitors who bring a vehicle are charged a parking fee of Rp. 2,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 4,000 for cars. Meanwhile, visitors who want to go fishing or camping are free of charge.

To get to Ngeden beach from Yogyakarta you have to pass Jalan Wonosari – Sampaan – Piyungan – Bukit Bintang – Sambipitu – Bunder Forest – Gading or a T-junction after the airfield to the right to Playen – Tumpak – Playen Market – Playen District – Paliyan Market – Training center The Indonesian Army still goes straight to the south after there is a lake turning right – Saptosari Police – South Ring Road – Saptosari Field straight then arrives at the T-junction in front of the Jetis village hall turn left – SMPN 2 Saptosari – SDN Bibis until the T-junction turn right and enter the Corblok road there is a signpost to the location of Ngeden beach.

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In addition, there is also a simpler route as an alternative, starting from Yogyakarta through Bantul – Imogiri – Tanjakan Siluk – Panggang – Saptosari – Krambilsawit Village – Dusun Bedalo and finally to the location of Ngeden beach. So, to go to this beach you can use private transportation in the form of motorbikes or cars.

Interesting thing

1. There is a special visitor gazebo

Since Ngeden beach is managed by the local government, several things such as visitor needs have begun to be noticed, such as gazebos. There are several gazebos that visitors can use as shelter or just to relax while enjoying views of the beach and ocean.

2. Two hills view on either side

Like other Gunungkidul beaches, Ngeden beach is also surrounded by hills or cliffs that are quite high. The hills look greenish and add to the charm of Ngeden beach. At the top of the hill there is also a viewing post that can be used as a place to see the natural scenery around.

Visitors can climb the top of the hill because there is already a permanent path to the hill. There, visitors can enjoy views of the coast and the sea as a whole from a relatively far distance. Even so, you have to be careful because the road is slippery and steep.

3. Wide stretch of beach sand

Ngeden Beach has a wide and white sand, besides that it is very clean. Aapalgi coupled with the bluish color of the sea around the beach makes the natural scenery there very amazing. That is because this beach is still very natural and not many people know the existence of this tourist destination.

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The wide and clean stretch of sand is at least safe for visitors to just play sand, play ball, volleyball, and so on. In addition, visitors can also take pictures with a blue background of the sea landscape or simply make Ngeden beach and the sea as a photography object.

4. Can be used for fishing

Some local residents were seen fishing on the edge of the ocean or on the rocks around the sea. Visitors can actually do this, but they have to bring their own equipment from home because they don’t provide fishing equipment and so on.

On Ngeden beach there is a coral reef area which is inhabited by groupers and lobsters. The sea water on this beach is also quite calm so it remains safe for visitors who are fishing or just swimming in the ocean.

5. Suitable for Camping

Often this beach is used as a camping place with friends and small family. Visitors who want to camp must bring their own needs or equipment from home because they don’t provide this there. Even so, you have to keep the beach clean.

6. Sufficiently Complete Facilities

The management of this tourist destination is quite good because there are already several facilities for the needs of visitors such as stalls, toilets, parking areas, and others. Visitors who linger there do not need to worry about food because it is already available in the shop which is quite complete as well as drinks.

In addition, there is also dome umbrella rental, making it easier for visitors to find shelter at will. Likewise with a temporary resting place such as a gazebo as described above.

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7. Sunrise and Sunset views

Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset on Ngeden beach. But if you want to see the sunrise and sunset more clearly, visitors can go up to the top of the hill beside the beach. For those who like photography, this scene can be a very desirable object.

When the sun goes down the sky over the sea and the beach looks beautiful yellowish and orange. Meanwhile, when it is rising in the morning, the light makes the sand of Ngeden beach look whiter and cleaner. So, this scene is perfect for selfie spots and so on.

That is the review of Ngeden beach which is no less interesting than the big beaches in Gunungkidul. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Yogyakarta area itself and should not miss this beach tourist destination



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