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Arek – arek Malang, have you ever visited Nganteb Beach? Since it was discovered and opened, this beach is getting busier. Not only Malang people, those of you who live outside East Java are encouraged to include Nganteb Beach as one of the mandatory destinations. For those of you who happen to be visiting this city, don’t stop by!

Apart from beach tourism, in fact some people come for pilgrimages and even meditate for profit. On the beach there is a tomb which is often visited by the surrounding community. Wow, so it makes you curious right? Eliminate your curiosity by immediately visiting it.

Entrance ticket prices at Nganteb Beach

To be able to enter Nganteb beach, you must pay a fee of IDR 5,500 – IDR 7,500. Why are the prices different? To get the lowest price, you can come on weekdays or on days when it’s not a long holiday. But Rp 7,500.00 is a very cheap price when compared to the beauty that will be witnessed.

Managed by Perhutani KPH Malang, this beach is located in Sukorejo Hamlet, Tumpakrejo Gedangan Malang, East Java. About 72 km from the center of Malang City. Immediately, you take the direction to Pasar Gadang when you reach the city center. After that, look for the signposts to Bululawang and Gondanglegi. Then take the road to Balekambang Beach.

When you arrive at Balekambang, look for the signposts that will lead you to Nganteb Beach. If you are confused, don’t hesitate to ask the local people. They will gladly tell you the way to get there.

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Tourism Object on Nganteb Beach

There are many things that can be done on this beach. This is because the tourist objects are so interesting, enchanting, and unique. What are they?

1. Recreation and Picnicking

For those of you who aim just to enjoy nature, on this beach there is a stand made of large pieces of wood. You can chat with friends while finishing snacks. Also nearby are beautiful pandanus trees and flowers. Of course it is the main attraction for tourists.

2. Swimming and Playing Water

Not for swimming on the beach huh! This beach has big waves, so if you want to swim go to the river mouth next to it. The water is very clean and clear, also not salty. Your body will not stick like when bathing in sea water.

3. Coral cliffs

Around the beach there are beautiful coral cliffs. To reach it you have to pass through Mount Batok. Take it easy, this mountain is not big. Only 50 meters high or less. Stay careful, yes, because the road is small and quite steep. From the top of the Karang Cliff, tourists can see a panoramic view that is soothing to the eye. When else could you see a scene like this in the city?

4. Beach Culinary

Near Nganteb Beach, there is a fishing village that provides fresh fish every day. Just order and ask to be cooked to your liking. After that, eat on the beach while enjoying the incomparable charm of Nganteb. You can also make Nganteb specialties as souvenirs for your family at home.

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5. Religious Tourism

It has been mentioned earlier that in this place there is a sacred tomb or tomb. Residents and visitors often make pilgrimages in this place. If you want to know, you can go to Pendopo Agung Gunung Batok, precisely 200 meters from the beach. To reach the top, a multilevel ladder has been provided. Inside the hall, there is also a kentongan which is considered sacred.

So that you don’t lose the distortion of the place, you can invite the natives to guide you. Some visitors often do this too and pay nothing. Remember! Take care of your karma, don’t say dirty words, don’t swear, and stay clean.

6. Beach Camp

For those of you who like the outdoors, please camp on this beach. In fact, the availability of clean water and a fishing village that is not far away can support the holding of an organizational intimacy night here. The residents can help with several things if needed. Lodging around Nganteb Beach is already available, so if the tide is high, you can move on to the inn.

7. Relaxing Surfing

Because the waves are not calm and have the potential to be used for surfing, you can learn to surf at this beach. Even though it is not as big as the waves on Bali’s beaches, the size is stable so that for beginner surfers, you can learn to surf calmly on this beach.

8. Enjoying Twilight

The view of the sunset from Nganteb Beach is truly magnificent. It’s a shame to just pass it up. In fact, many tourists have succeeded in capturing the glory of the sky with the sun, which is similar to the round yellow egg.

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9. Photos Like – Like

“No pict, hoax!” never heard this expression right? No photos, no evidence of ever visiting a place. So, to keep your presence and social media hits, take the time to take pictures! It can be anywhere, for example in the middle of the soft sand of the beach, by the sea, near Mount Batok, on the Coral Cliff, or you can also take a silhouette photo at dusk. How epic, of course!

10. Walking along the coast

The coastline here is quite long. You can walk from end to end again. Even though it’s in one location, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be bored with the sights it has to offer. Want proof? Try to come to this beach yourself!

11. Playing Kites

When summer comes, you can come with a kite. Just fly it on the beach. The wind is strong enough to make flying kites upward easier and faster. Kite fight with friends. It will definitely be an unforgettable quality time.

Wow, aren’t there so many things that can be done on this beach? Nature of Nganteb Beach is indeed very supportive for any beach activity. You will not regret taking the time to stop by this beach. Don’t forget to invite friends and relatives to make it even busier!


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