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Ngandong Beach is located in Sidoarjo Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach is actually not far from the more famous Indrayanti Beach, which is located to the northwest of the Indrayanti beach.

Ngandong Beach is a small beach but has its own characteristics that attract tourists. Even so, not many tourists know about this beach tourist destination. This beach is full of visitors during the holiday season, but it is quiet on weekdays.

Price of admission

The price of admission to Ngandong Beach is IDR 10,000 per person. This price includes a package with an entrance fee for other beaches in the vicinity such as Ngrumput Beach, Baron Beach, Drini Beach, Sepanjang Beach, Kukup Beach, Watu Kodok Beach, Sarangan Beach, Sadranan Beach, Krakal Beach, and others. So, this price is very affordable and cheap.

The route to Ngandong beach from Yogyakarta – Piyungan – Patuk – Sambipitu – East T-junction of TNI Gading, turn right then go to Playen – Paliyan – Saptosari then get to thirds before entering Baron Beach area to the east. Then take or follow the paved road until you find the entrance to Sundak Beach and then head to Ngandong Beach.

There is a shorter route, namely through Yogyakarta then via Imogiri – Panggang – Saptosari to a T-junction before entering the Baron beach area to the east take or follow the paved road until you find the entrance to Sundak beach and finally you can go to the Ngandong beach location.

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Interesting thing

1. Canoeing rides

For those of you who like to play canoeing, Ngandong beach can be an alternative destination for doing it. The sea water on this beach is very friendly so it is safe for every visitor, including playing the canoe. Visitors will be charged IDR 50,000 for renting a canoe and without being limited by time.

2. The place of berth of fishing boats

Ngandong Beach is where boats and boats for fishermen are anchored. Visitors are not only treated to exotic natural scenery but also fishing activities there.

There are also fishing boats used to be rented to visitors, usually fishermen will invite visitors around the coast by boat or boat. Fishermen also invite visitors to see the amazing natural phenomenon in the sea, namely the emergence of fresh water sources from the sea that seems like boiling water.

3. Has a gentle and exotic coastline

Ngandong Beach has a beautiful shape because of its sloping line. The shape of the coastline is safer for visitors to play on the edge of the ocean. Meanwhile, around the coast there are also many shrimp pine trees that can be used as a shelter for visitors.

4. Beautiful Kars Hill

The right and left sides of this beach are karst hills which are very exotic with their green color. Visitors can climb the hill to see the view of the sea and the surrounding beaches, but must be careful to maintain safety. There are rocks in the open sea, thus adding to the beauty of the beach view.

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5. Scenery Sunrise and Sunset

Ngandong Beach also faces the Pacific Ocean so that you can see the view from there sunrise and sunset when the sun rises, the sky looks bright, the light makes the beach sand look whiter. Meanwhile, at dusk the color of the sky turns yellowish and orange.

Plus if the weather is very bright sky, thus adding to the beauty of the natural scenery. This can be used by visitors to take selfies or just take pictures of the scenery sunrise nor sunset.

6. Facilities Snorkling

At Ngandong beach, visitors can also do snorkeling at an affordable price of IDR 50,000 per person. Visitors will see the beauty of the deep sea when snorkeling and of course can also take pictures. There are clothes and camera rentals, so they can really help visitors who need it.

Visitors who are eager to experience jetsky can do it at Ngandong beach. But it costs more to rent a jetsky. Even so, visitors are guaranteed to be satisfied with the action of playing jetsky in the middle of the ocean.

7. Complete Lodging Facilities

This beach already provides complete facilities for visitors such as lodging, parking, toilets, and food stalls. This is due to its location close to residential areas making it easier for residents to manage it properly and optimally.

Visitors who intend to spend the night on this beach do not need to worry about lodging because there are already available air-conditioned special lodging rooms. Likewise with food because around the beach there are many stalls that provide Yogyakarta specialties.

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Not only that, a large parking area can accommodate many visitor vehicles. In addition, visitors also do not need to walk far to get to the parking lot because the distance is quite close to the tourist sites of Ngandong Beach.

8. Friendly Sea Water Waves

The ocean waves on Ngandong Beach are not too big so they are very friendly for visitors. Visitors can relax and play by the sea safely without worrying about being swept away by heavy water currents.

Coupled with the natural blue sea water color makes this beach scene very beautiful. Visitors who like photography can take advantage of this beach scene as a photo object. Besides that, it is also suitable for selfie spots and so on.

That is the review of Ngandong Beach, which is not always interesting with the beaches in Bali. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Yogyakarta area itself and should not miss this beach tourist destination.



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