Ngalur Beach – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

The beach is very beautiful, the water is very blue, clean without a lot of rubbish here. The sand is very white. And subhanallah, this is a very very very very beautiful beach that I have ever visited. This place is next to the ngalur beach. And it can be reached by walking for about 10 minutes from Ngalur beach through the forest ”. But don’t worry, you have been given a shortcut there. . This place is also very close to Pathok Gebang beach, just walk about 10 minutes through the forest which has been given a shortcut .. The cleanliness of the beach is very well maintained. But here you can’t swim, because you know, the waves of the south coast are very, very dangerous berbahaya. Here too, there are sellers of drinks, cigarettes and food. There is ice too, 1 large fruit priced around 8000 rupiah. So you can enjoy while sitting on the beach . There are also public toilets available here, gazebos made of wood and strong leaves, are available on the edge of the beach, gratiissssss ,. Everyone can use these facilities . Oh yes, the ticket to this beach is 5000 thousand per person .. This beach is highly recommended for those of you who are adventurous, because the terrain is very difficult, and very steep, sometimes it makes your motorbike have to be right, ”check first, especially the brakes. Alhamdulillah it was here during the dry season, so I didn’t feel the slippery road to this beach because the road here uses red soil, so it will automatically be very slippery when exposed to water, especially rain water .. Right ”not recommended during the rainy season .. Oh yes, I am here use matic 125CC, so for you “who want to use matic, it’s okay. What is important, the skills to ride a motorbike must be right ”extraordinary amateur, sorry, don’t ever try it…. Will never be able to forget a beach as beautiful as this if I have time, I will definitely go there again

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