New Year's Holiday in Penang, Don't Forget To Visit These 10 Places


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Towards the end of the year, suddenly the agenda for holidays out of town or abroad was composed by many people, including the Indonesian people.

Considering the Christmas and New Year holidays are the most anticipated moments by many people. Various vacation ideas to countries A, B, C, D to Z are often thought of from now on.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating New Year’s Eve in another country, in fact it can be an exciting and unforgettable experience.

If you don’t have enough budget but want to keep spending New Year’s Eve in another country, we suggest visiting a neighboring country, like Malaysia for example.

Apart from the distance that is not too far away, the budget requirements are also not too much. Besides that, in Malaysia there are also many favorite spots to celebrate the new year, one of which is Penang.

Penang is one of the states of Malaysia which is very famous for its bridge. The beautiful green hills that surround this state are one of the attractions for tourists to spend New Year’s Eve in Malaysia.

1. George Town

Gerorge Town is one of the areas in Penang which is always crowded with tourists. At New Year’s Day, George Town is filled with crowds of people looking forward to a fireworks display.

Interestingly, besides being spoiled by the night sky filled with firework shows, in George Town you can also enjoy a variety of delicious and delicious culinary delights. All dishes in George Town are super complete, from traditional to modern too.

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2. Penang Hill

If you ask where is the most favorite spot to spend New Year’s Eve in Penang, the most suitable answer is Penang Hill. This spot is said to be a favorite because here you can see the view of Penang Island from the most perfect side.

Especially at New Year’s moment, you can see a view from above that shows a combination of fireworks and city lights, perfect!

3. Penang Bridge

Apart from Penang Hill, if you want to see stunning views on New Year’s Eve you have to go to the Penang Bridge.

Yes, one of the icons of Penang Island is never empty of being attended by tourists and the public, especially during the new year.

The combination of the sea breeze, the lights along the bridge and the colors of the sky decorated with fireworks, are you sure you will just miss it?

4. Batu Feringhi Beach

Spending New Years Eve by the beach seems like an interesting alternative. Batu Feringhi Beach is one of the places you can visit.

Many say that Batu Feringhi Beach is Senggiginya Penang. This is because the atmosphere on this beach is calm and comfortable. The white sand adds to the perfect atmosphere.

5. Bukit Kwok San

Apart from Penang Hill, if you want to see the view of Penang Island from above a height during the new year’s eve, Bukit Kwok San can also be an interesting option.

If you visit Bukit Kwok San, you will also find Kek Lok Si Temple which is one of Malaysia’s cultural sites. The concept of this tourist spot is a combination of Thai temples decorated with Chinese-style ornaments.

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6. Penang Esplanade

The next location is the Penang Esplanade. At the turn of the year many people gather on the beach near the Penang Pelabunan. This area is known as Padang Kota Lama Penang.

Apart from the firework show, you will also be spoiled at the Penang Esplanade with a row of ancient buildings during the British colonial era.

7. Queensbay Mall

If you want to enjoy New Year’s Eve in a shopping center, Queensbay Mall is one of the most fitting places.

Its location on the beach makes Queensbay Mall attractive to tourists. At the turn of the year, Queensbay Mall also often holds events to add to the festivities of the end of the year party.

8. Lebuh Beach

Enjoying New Year’s Eve while getting to know the history of Penang City can be an exciting activity. Then, where can you enjoy Penang’s historical sites without having to use a lot of mobile?

The most appropriate solution is to visit Lebuh Pantai. In fact, Lebuh Pantai is the oldest street in Penang City. The building with typical British colonial architecture is one of the prettiest views on Lebuh Pantai.

9. Jetty Port

Want to feel the sensation of the new year’s night more interesting? It looks like the Jetty Port could be the next alternative target. Hanging out at the Jetty Harbor is one of the exciting activities many tourists do.

The calm and comfortable atmosphere at the Jetty Port makes anyone feel reluctant to leave Penang.

10. Penang State Mosque

Been all the way to Penang, but haven’t had the chance to visit this one place, definitely regret it. This magnificent building of the Penang State Mosque is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Penang.

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No official ritual is held at the Penang State Mosque at the moment of the changing of the year. But usually there are also many people and travelers who worship and pray here on New Year’s Eve.

Those are some recommendations for interesting ideas to spend a new year night on Penang Island. Hopefully this article is useful for planning your final year off!



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