New Tourism Cliff Lake Makariki Seram Island


Travel Blog Indonesia – Eastern Indonesia such as Papua, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi will be favorite destinations in 2016. The reason is simple. Traveling has become a lifestyle for Indonesians. Especially if the tourist destinations are cheap and free. You definitely know who will flock there!

For example, like the cliffs of the Keraton Bandung or Situ Cilembang Sumedang, which are immediately packed with impromptu travelers. Such affordable destinations are indeed faster hits because it is closer and less costly.

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Eastern Indonesia will have a different story. Not everyone can come to Raja Ampat or Ora Beach. These world-class scenic spots are indeed hard to reach. There is indeed transportation that will take you there, but you have to spend deeply. East Indonesia’s infrastructure development is now the focus of the Jokowi administration.

Sunbathing all day at Liang Beach

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liang beach ambon @andreas_fajars

Ambon has a beautiful Liang Beach. Indeed, this demaga is really quite mainstream on Instagram. However, you will definitely miss this demaga when you’ve ever set foot there.

The sea water provides beautiful color gradations. Getting to the middle of the blue color is getting darker. The beauty of natural paintings that we should be grateful for. Liang Beach has been visited by many foreign tourists. The address of Liang Beach is in Liang Village, Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency. If you depart from Ambon, the duration of the trip is around 60 minutes covering a distance of 40 kilometers.

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Warm welcome from Pintu City Beach

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the city door of ambon @pricilyannuuru

Not to Ambon if you haven’t visited this city’s door beach. The reason is because there is a coral that forms like a door naturally. Above the corals are still overgrown with green trees.

The address of Pintu Kota Beach is in Airlouw Hamlet, Nusaniwe District, Ambon, Maluku. Not much different from Liang beach. The distance from the city of Ambon is about 40 kilometers which can be reached with a long journey of about 60 minutes.

Sturdy Amsterdam Fortress

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Fort amsterdam IG @fahrimadjid

There are so many remains of the Dutch colonialists in Indonesia. One of them which is now used as a tourist spot is Amsterdam Ambon Fort. Even so, initially the Portuguese founded this Amsterdam Fort. Then the Dutch took it and made it a stronghold.

The address of Fort Amsterdam is in Hila District. Again, about 40 kilometers from the city center of Ambon. With a trip of about 60 minutes.

Ora Beach, Dream Destination 2016

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ora beach @paramiswari

Ora Beach or more popularly known as Ora Beach is indeed touted to rival the Maldives. Ora Beach is in the northern part of Seram Island. You will enjoy the beauty of a very clear beach.

From Ambon you can go straight to Tulehu Port and then go to Amahai Port on Seram Island. The journey can be continued by land for about 120 minutes to Sawai Village. Its beauty will make you dazzle and not blink your eyes!

Makariki Cliff Lake “Hidden Paradise” on Seram Island

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Lake Tebing Makariki IG @fahrulmahigan

Not many people know about Makariki Cliff Lake. The location is at the foot of Mount Binaia. Yep, beautiful locations like this are only for tough adventurers. The reason is to be here you need 2 hours to cover a distance of 3 km with various steep terrains.

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The color of the water is as clear as the ocean, touching blue. The location is on Seram Island, Laimu Village, Tehoru District, Central Maluku. Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring some balm, because the water temperature is 0.2 degrees Celsius. Who knows, you guys get cold after swimming there.

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