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A visit to Ambon will never be perfect if you haven’t set foot on Natsepa Beach. This beach is very legendary among local residents, if in Yogyakarta it can be said to be like Parangtritis Beach. Besides offering extraordinary beauty, Natsepa is also one of the first recommendations on the internet for tourists.

Over time, the popularity of Natsepa Beach never seems to fade. Even though there are currently many new beach attractions around it, Natsepa remains the most visited. This is of course inseparable from the white sand and blue sea with shady trees which are the main attraction of this place.

Entrance ticket prices for Natsepa Beach

The rates that must be paid to enter Natsepa Beach are fairly cheap, tourists only need to pay Rp.3,000 / person and can stay in this place as much as they want. Meanwhile, the rates for parking are also affordable and depend on the type of vehicle being carried, for motorbikes starting at IDR 5,000, while for cars around IDR 10,000.

Located in Suli Village, Salahutu District, Ambon City, Maluku Regency, Central Maluku Province. Natsepa Beach can be found easily at the coordinates 97HR + 9R on Google Maps. If you depart from the center of Ambon City, the distance that must be taken is not too far, which is about 18 KM or 30 minutes by motorized vehicle.

Transportation that can be used to get to Natsepa Beach is also very easy. You can choose to rent a vehicle, or take public transportation (angkot). If you take an angkot, you should come in the morning, because this beach operates from 06.00 WIB – 21.00 WIB. In addition, there are no public transportation at night.

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Attractions on Natsepa Beach

1. Swimming

Natsepa Beach is famous for having calm waves so it is very safe for swimming, even for children. Therefore, if your goal is to pamper your body by swimming on the offshore beach, then Natsepa is the best choice. The clear blue water is guaranteed to make anyone feel at home.

2. Playing the ball

In the afternoon, local children usually use the beachside area to play ball. If you are planning a vacation with your family and want a memorable moment, then you can try this activity too. Of course, your children will feel very happy when invited to play ball on the edge of a beautiful beach.

3. Culinary Hunting

A visit to Natsepa Beach will not be complete without tasting traditional Ambonese food. Here, there are many stalls selling culinary at very affordable prices. Don’t forget to try the Ambonese rujak which is very famous. Eating spicy salad accompanied with young coconut ice is certainly very good.

4. Ride a Banana Boat

If you want to try water games, then rent a banana boat on Natsepa Beach. Especially if the ride is accompanied by a lover, friend, or family. It will be even more fun.

5. Take a Traditional Boat

Because the majority of local residents here have a profession as waiters, then on holidays you can try to ride a traditional boat that is rented out when it is not in use. With very affordable rental rates, you have the opportunity to explore the beautiful waters of Natsepa for about an hour.

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6. Picnic

The Natsepa Beach area is overgrown with coconut trees which make this place cool and shady. If you come with your family, you can also have a picnic with food supplies and a carpet. Of course, it will be very nice to be able to gather with your family while looking at the beach view.

7. Pre-wedding

For those who yearn to do a pre-wedding photo shoot with a concept outdoor, Natsepa Beach is also quite worth it. With sea colors that sometimes have gradations, it will certainly make the photo background more beautiful. This is guaranteed to be a very impressive pre-wedding event for you and your partner.

As the most popular beach in Ambon City, it is certain that Natsepa will be crowded with visitors on weekends or holidays. Hence, if your goal is to calm the mind then it is advisable to come on week day or weekdays where Natsepa is quite quiet.


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