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When people talk about beautiful beaches and white sand in the Solo area, we will refer to the beaches in Gunung Kidul or Pacitan, East Java. But there are still people who don’t know about the existence of a beach in Wonogiri, which has a coastline that is no less beautiful than other beaches. One of them is this Nampu beach.

He is Nampu beach. When you hear his name, you can be sure that many people do not know the beautiful charm of this beach in Wonogiri. Actually Wonogiri has quite a lot of tourism potential, one of which is beach destinations, such as Banyutowo beach, Klothok beach, Pringjono beach, Njujungan beach, Sembukan beach, Sadeng beach, Miring beach, Kijingan beach, Mbut Manis beach, and many others.

Entrance ticket prices at Nampu Beach

The price of admission is very cheap, tourists are only charged IDR 5,000 for one person and motorcycle parking is also IDR 5,000 and IDR 15,000 for car parking

Apart from that, you will pay for just buying drinks or enjoying food menus sold in the Nampu beach area, the price is relatively cheap because the menu served is also a simple menu.

But before buying food or drinks in a shop, look for a stall that has written the price of the food which is usually displayed in front of the shop or try asking first the price of the menus in the shop, because there are still unscrupulous sellers who charge multiple prices. – many times to tourists who are not locals.

Nampu beach does not have complete facilities because it has been known beforehand that the beach does have good natural potential but due to lack of management it makes everything limited such as health facilities, far from shopping centers, no ATM machines, no SAR team or others.

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There are no villas or cafes, especially in the form of luxury, on Nampu beach there are only simple stalls or mobile food vendors, because there are no villas, the local residents finally thought of opening a homestay that can be rented by tourists.

There are tour packages for tourists. This tour package is a combination of nature tourism and ecosystem tourism. In addition to tourists being able to rest comfortably at the homestay, tourists will be invited to hunt squirrels, fish and take a walk and enjoy village specialties and see the process of making brown sugar directly.

From the center of Wonogiri City to Nampu beach, it is 70 km away, can be reached from Pacitan, Yogyakarta or Solo. If tourists start from Solo, it will take 3 hours to travel.

You will go through Sukoharjo Regency and Gajah Mungkur Reservoir until you find directions that have directions. Please choose the road to Yogyakarta or Pracimantoro then continue the journey until you reach the intersection. When you arrive at the intersection, please take the road to Pacitan then follow it until you reach the intersection.

If you have found an intersection, please take the direction to Paranggupito, then at the T-junction you will find a sign that will take you to Nampu Beach.

Tourism Object on Nampu Beach

1. Beautiful Natural Scenery

Who would have thought that a capable beach would have its own beautiful charm and characteristics? When tourists visit, they will immediately be presented with the charm of the beauty of this one beach even though they have just arrived at the parking lot.

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2. Being at an altitude so it is interesting to visit

Because it is seen from the height where the beach is sloping so that tourists can immediately enjoy the beautiful natural treats and attract visitors to run to Nampu beach immediately, besides that it is clear that the shoreline is covered in white sand even though seen from a distance.

3. There are dozens of interesting stairs

When tourists visit, after parking their vehicle they will descend the dozens of stairs that extend to get to the coastline. The stairs were built there in 2002 by the local government.

But there is no need to hesitate to go down the stairs because after the tourists descend the stairs which are quite tired, the tiredness will disappear when the feet touch the fine white sand in the Nampu beach area.

4. Playing on the beach

Playing in the beach area can be an exciting activity for tourists, and they can run freely along the shoreline. If you want to play the waves or throw yourself into the sea, you can do it because even though the waves on Nampu beach are quite large. But it is still relatively safe because it cannot be separated from the sloping beach area. Even so, it is still not recommended if you want to swim further out to sea, where tourists will encounter sharp and dangerous corals.

5. Have a beautiful rock

The rocks will be seen more clearly when the sea water is receding, there tourists can see a different view, where when the sea water is receding, the coral can be stepped on without getting the body wet. There, visitors can see small fish with various shapes and colors trapped in the puddle between the corals.

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6. Watching the Squid

At that time also, tourists can see firsthand the local residents hunting squid, usually they hunt squid between the reefs at low tide. The catch is not for sale, they will use the caught squid for their own consumption.

7. Enjoy the Fresh Ice Degan

After playing in the sea, tourists can relax or take shelter on the edge of the beach and while enjoying ice cream which can be purchased in the beach area. Local residents will always provide various kinds of food and beverage offerings, apart from selling ice, the stalls in that location also sell food, even though the food sold is a simple menu dish.

While resting, enjoying various kinds of food menus and drinking ice while watching the beautiful view towards the sea will be the most fun moments and will be even more exciting if tourists in these conditions are accompanied by the process of setting the sun which is commonly called sunset.

That is the reason why many visitors have not left before seeing or enjoying the sunset on Nampu beach, it is not easy to go to the beach but do not get the sunset or even some tourists actually build tents and spend the night on the beach so they get the sunrise in the morning.


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