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Indonesia is an archipelagic country and is known for the abundance of beach tourism objects in almost all of its territories with their own uniqueness. Not only the island of Bali which is famous for beach tourism, the island of Sumatra is no less beautiful. One of the cities on the island of Sumatra that has a beautiful and beautiful beach is the city of Lampung. One of the famous beaches in Lampung is Mutun Beach which is located in Sukajaya Lempasing, Padang Cermin, Pesawaran Regency. This beach is located on Jalan Raya Bumi Sari Natar Gang Bima Ruko Orange, South Lampung, to be precise. The location of Mutun Beach is actually quite far from the center of Lampung City by traveling for approximately four hours.

Entrance ticket prices at Mutun Beach

One of the most important things to think about before going to a tourist attraction is the ticket price to enter it. If you are interested in coming to Mutun Beach, don’t worry about expensive ticket prices because ticket rates range from five to ten thousand. In addition, this beach is open 24 hours non-stop so that all visitors can linger enjoying its beauty. Even though the entrance ticket price is very affordable, the facilities in it need not be doubted because it will not disappoint. At Mutun Beach, there are sufficient number of bathrooms that can be used by all tourists at a low rate. In addition, there are also rental tools here camping, banana boat, boats and so on. Not only that, there is also an arena here outbound which is used as a means of playing for those of you who visit with your little one. There is an arena outbound and the rental of camping equipment makes Mutun Beach a location for young people to build intimacy with. Regarding culinary issues, again there is nothing to worry about because there are food and beverage stalls here.

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Mutun Beach is the only beach closest to Bandar Lampung and only takes 42 minutes. The route you have to take is from Bandar Lampung to Telukbetung by passing the Adipura Monument. From Telukbetung to Mutun Beach, it only takes half an hour until you set foot on Mutun Beach. From Jalan Ikan Sebelah, you go straight ahead to Jalan Laksamana RE Martadinata then continue to follow the current. After finding a T-junction marked pom bensi on the left, turn left and continue to follow the road. The journey continues until arriving at Jalan Raya Way Rotay. Then continue walking straight ahead until the T-junction of Mutun Beach, then you will soon arrive.

Tourism Object on Mutun Beach

1. Children’s Playground

As explained above, there is an arena at Mutun Beach outbound which can be used for children’s play. This place also has clean and white sand beaches so it is safe for your children to play with sand. You can bring a ball while playing soccer or beach volleyball with your participating children. Apart from that, there are also water games such as banana boat, jetski, donut boat and waterboom rented at a friendly price. Of the several tools rented out, some games are safe to use for children with a certain minimum age. Here also provided canoe and boat rentals to surround the beautiful beach.

2. Swimming

If in some beaches, swimming is often prohibited, this does not happen at Mutun Beach because the waves are safe. The waves on this beach are quite calm and not rolling, so it is safe to use for swimming. Although there are no restrictions on swimming, you must remain vigilant and always maintain the safety of family members who come.

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3. Foreign Language Training

Mutun Beach is one of the beaches in Indonesia which has long and many foreign media coverage. Because of that, this white sandy beach is often visited by foreign tourists from various countries to fill the beach area. This certainly has a positive impact on those of you who want to practice foreign language skills by talking with them.

4. MS Town

One of the attractions of Mutun Beach is the MS Town which is directly managed by MS Corporation. At this location, the beach sand looks whiter and cleaner and the edges or lips of the beach are longer. To enter here, you are required to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 15,000 / person and will get complete facilities.

5. Culinary Tour

The thing that is always sought after after being tired of playing on the beach is definitely culinary food, especially marine skins. If you come to this beach and forget to bring supplies, you don’t need to worry because there are many food vendors here. Starting from snacks such as dumplings and batagor to refreshing drinks, namely young coconut are here.


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