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Who says the city of Bekasi, West Java, is only typical with traffic congestion, boredom of mind and hot weather which is often used as bullion material netizens as the planet closest to the sun even before the planet Meskurius. Well, if you only know Bekasi city only within that limit means that you don’t really know this city from its beauty point of view.

Bekasi is indeed known for its hot atmosphere due to the density of vehicles and industry as a bonus from the capital city of Jakarta, but thankfully this city is also surrounded by various beaches that are able to entertain both local and local residents in enjoying the coolness and breeze of the beach and one of these beaches is the beach. Muara Beting. The charm of the beach coupled with blue sea waves, clean and smooth brown sand and lush trees that decorate this beach makes it hard for people to believe that in one of the cities which is famous for traffic jams there are natural attractions that are so amazing with a beautiful and beautiful panorama. Muara Beting Beach is known as the pearl of Bekasi city.

Muara Beting Beach is a suitable escape place for residents of Bekasi city and from other areas who want to momentarily escape from their routine, especially the saturation of the city atmosphere by just setting foot on the shoreline of the beach which at a glance resembles remote beaches in eastern Indonesia where the beaches are The beach is like Muara Beting Beach as it is rarely touched by mankind. Because the location is rarely visited, this beach, which is generally visited by young women and tourists, does not have as many public facilities as other beaches that have plus facilities such as, but it is quite enough because it is equipped with only prayer rooms, bathrooms to various food stalls that sell various foods typical of the sea as well as a variety of wooden seating styles vintage.

Price of admission

The ticket price offered to enter this natural tourism is fairly cheap, with only IDR 20,000 enough to be able to enter a tour that has three features, ranging from beaches, protected forest for bird migration to mangrove forest conservation. The price of admission from each visitor will certainly be accumulated as the maintenance of tourist attractions and the preservation of protected forests and mangroves. If you want to visit the mangrove forest, visitors will only be charged the same tariff as the entrance ticket price, which is IDR 20,000 to pay for the boat fee as the only access to the mangrove forest.

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Road access to this area is not difficult because the road is smooth. This beach can be found about 2 hours from the city center with a little GPS assistance. Visitors who come from outside the city can start entering the Bekasi area and slide about 2 hours from the city center using either private or public transportation.

Interesting thing

1. Immigrant Bird Sanctuary

Its natural facilities not only provide exotic beaches away from the crowd and cool air and amazing waves, but Muara Beting Beach is also home to mangroves with a land area of ​​approximately 70 ha and its location as a habitat for seabirds that stop by on their migration journey. which makes this beach also a protected forest area established by the government. Visitors will be even more spoiled when visiting vulnerable from November to February because that is when migrating birds from the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea decorate the horizon of Muara Beting Beach where of course there is a strict prohibition for anyone who has the heart to hunt down beautiful birds. this.

2. Mangrove Forest Conservation

Not only that, this beach is also decorated and equipped with mangrove forest conservation which makes the atmosphere cooler and more peaceful where to reach this location requires a motorboat provided by local residents at cheap and affordable rates for historical tourism on the beach with a bonus of natural tourism. this.

3. Line of white rocks

In addition to protected forest areas for immigrant birds, mangrove forest conservation and brown sand with clean and clear sea water, visitors will also be spoiled by the array of rocks and moderate waves that are not dangerous so that they can be enjoyed and used as spot the best photos, especially for lovers of the world of photography or just for selfies.

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4. The savanna

The savanna is indeed synonymous with mountainous areas but due to the lush trees on Muara Beting Beach people do not believe that a place like this savanna is located in the city of Bekasi with a distinctive hot weather and makes it one of the most wanted tours to go to in 2018 thanks to the lush forest. tree which is also known as Saban Pantai.

5. Spot the right water play

Unlike other beaches, Muara Beting Beach has waves that are not too big so it is safe to be made to play around the beach even by children.

Muara Beting Beach not only displays the beauty of beautiful beaches but is also home to millions of migrating birds as well as mangrove forest conservation which makes it look more beautiful and comfortable.


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