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One of the beaches in Jepara that is often used as a place for romantic dinners is Mororejo Beach. This beach is located in Mororejo village, Mlonggo district, Jepara district, precisely behind JOP (Jepara Ourland Park). This beach destination that has panoramic beauty at night is also very charming, especially when the sun rises and sets.

On Mororejo beach you will feel the atmosphere private beach with a cool view of a row of coconut trees. Apart from that, you can also taste the culinary specialties of the Jepara sea which are cheap and delicious in several cafes, restaurants or food stalls on this beach. For those of you who are on vacation with family or friends, you can also enjoy some challenging water rides.

Entrance ticket prices at Mororejo Beach

  • Beach admission (without access to JOP) is free
  • Food prices are around IDR 15,000 to IDR 45,000
  • Banana boat rental fee of IDR 50,000 / person
  • The cost of renting a donut boat is IDR 50,000 / person
  • The cost of renting a traditional boat to Panjang Island is IDR 20,000 / person
  • Jet ski rental fee of IDR 150,000 / 15 minutes

The distance between Mororejo beach and the center of the town square of Jepara is about 8.2 km or about 16 minutes drive through Jl. Jepara-Bangsri. You can find directions to the beach easily as it is only 350 meters behind the JOP. For faster access, you can also drive a motor boat as far as 2.5 km from Kartini beach.

Tourism Object on Mororejo Beach

1. White Sand Beach

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Besides being able to find clear sea water, you will also be fascinated by the natural white sand on this Mororejo beach. This clean and trash-free sand is perfect for playing sand with children. For those of you who just want to relax, you can also take shelter around the shady trees on the beach with a mat.

2. A place for jogging and sunbathing

In addition to relaxing with family, most visitors who come also for fun cycling or jogging while seeing the view of the sea and coconut trees on the beach. In addition, this Mororejo beach also offers spots for sunbathing and relaxing under umbrellas and long chairs that are very fitting to get rid of fatigue in the mind after work and so on.

3. Sunset and Sunrise

The panorama of sunset and sunrise on Mororejo beach is very beautiful, especially when the sun reflects off the sea surface and makes the sky above the beach a reddish yellow. The beach atmosphere becomes more serene when the rustling of the sea waves hit the very long shoreline. A sea view that is very exotic and very suitable for silhouette photo backgrounds.

4. Private Wharf

The beach, which is close to JOP marine tourism and the famous Mororejo villa, also has a pier that you can use to see a panoramic view of the ocean off the island of Java. Besides that, it can also be used as a place to relax in the middle of the sea. This Mororejo beach pier has a length of 80 meters and can also be used as a fishing tool for visitors.

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5. Playing rides

Besides being able to play sand on the beach, you can also invite friends and family to play exciting and challenging water rides. You can rent rides to play such as banana boats, donut boats, traditional boats, and jet skis to sail the oceans around the Mororejo beach. Of course, you also have to pay a fairly affordable rental fee.

6. Cafes and Food Stalls

While waiting for the children to play in the sand, you can order young coconut ice or grilled fish at the cafes and food stalls available on this Mororejo beach. There are several food stalls that provide typical Jepara food such as pindang serani such as the Ikan Bakar Mororedjo shop. And for those of you who like coffee and other cold drinks, you can stop by DeMoro Coffebox.

7. Near Villa Pantai Mororejo

In addition to domestic tourists, Mororejo beach visitors also come from outside. For this reason, many special hotels and villas are built if you want to spend the night around this beach, one example is the Mororejo Beach villa. In this villa, you will feel the sensation of middle-up class accommodation with views of the sea off the coast of Java.

Having a vacation with luxurious atmosphere and facilities at Mororejo Beach will make your vacation even more memorable. Besides being easy to access from the city center, Mororejo beach is also able to provide services such as lodging, cafes, restaurants, and a complete playground at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for, if you are around Jepara then don’t forget to visit this beach destination.

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