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Traveling to the beach while on vacation is certainly one of the most enjoyable activities. No matter which beach, you will always try to realize your greatest desire. Coupled with the unspoiled beach atmosphere, it sure looks like refreshing your brain, right?

One area in Indonesia that displays the charm of its beautiful beaches is Batam Island, which is located in the Riau Islands. The natural conditions, which mostly consist of groups of islands, are known for their enchanting beaches. One of them is Mirota Beach. For more details, just consider the detailed explanation below.

Mirota Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

For visitors who want to visit the Mirota Beach area, visitors do not pay a large entrance fee. They only pay an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 per person. After paying the entrance fee, they can enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean and around the coastal area until they are satisfied even at night.

It is located in the area of ​​Si Heart Village which is included in the Galang Barelang Village. More precisely in Galang sub-district which has been included in the Riau Islands Province.

For the trip to this beach, visitors will pass the famous Barelang bridge. This Barelang Bridge is a bridge that connects several small islands in the Batam city area.

You will need a long time to get to that location. It will take you 45 minutes to an hour to get to the beach by crossing several bridges first. Mirota Beach itself is located near bridge 5. So, before arriving at the location you will see other tourist objects around Barelang.

Tourism Object on Mirota Beach

With well-maintained beach conditions, this tourist spot is crowded with visitors every day. In fact, there are also many companies located in Batam city that make this place in the company’s routine agenda. This is proof that Mirota Beach has a charming charm in the eyes of the visitors.

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Of course, it’s a shame when you go to Batam but don’t stop by to visit this one tourist attraction. For those of you who are still confused about deciding to visit this beach or not, just consider the following information about the beauty of the tourist attraction of Mirota Beach. So, you don’t need to rethink to reject it.

1. White Sand

Mirota Beach is indeed like heaven by displaying natural views of its beaches which are very enchanting for anyone who sees it. It is known for its white sand beaches that look so amazing. As if to add to the beautiful impression in it.

So, for those of you who want to enjoy the scenery with a white sand beach background. Please just visit this Mirota Beach, before you regret it later. Because you can’t enjoy the beauty of the beach.

2. Underwater Views

Apart from displaying the charm of its beautiful white sand, Mirota Beach is also known for displaying stunning underwater scenery. Lots of beauty is offered here, such as coral reefs, various fish, and also other biotic scenery.

In addition, the sea water is clean, making the water look clear. This is why besides you witness the underwater scenery by diving. You can also watch it directly from above the water surface with the naked eye.

3. The Blue Sea

When you see the condition of Mirota Beach as a whole, as far as your eyes can see, it is only sea water with a view of the blue ocean. Of course, makes it very amazing for you to witness. With its blue color, it is very neat and combined with Tosca green, it will spoil your eyes.

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4. The Environment is Still Beautiful

Mirota Beach is actually not a new beach. However, with a good management system, the beauty of this beach attraction is maintained. Likewise Mirota Beach, visitors, residents around the beach, and also managers are encouraged to care for full awareness of what the creator has given.

This is why it makes the environment around Mirota Beach so beautiful. Although visited by many tourists.

5. Green Trees

Apart from the managers, visitors and local residents who participate in maintaining the beauty of this beach. Mirota Beach also displays its natural beauty, namely with green trees that grow big around the beach area.

Surely when you visit during the day, you will not feel hot because there are so many trees that grow. Apart from being shady, the tree also brings a sense of shade and coolness. So, you can rest in peace at the bottom of these green trees.

6. There is a coral

Mirota Beach still has a little coral. However, even though the corals are a little more, it still makes the aura of the beauty of Mirota Beach shine even more. You can see this coral directly on the east and west of the coast. Even so, the coral does not interfere with all your activities when swimming or playing with water.

7. Spot Photography

With a variety of beautiful natural scenery and beaches, of course it will not be complete if you don’t capture it. This is because there are many interesting spots that are suitable for photography. For example, with white sand and blue views of the ocean, of course it makes your photos look very charming right?

In addition, at the corner of the beach area there is also a pavilion which is often used as a place for taking pictures. Usually, visitors will take advantage of this one place to help with their photography activities. So, you will get good results to be shared on each social media.

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8. Historical Tourism

Apart from the stunning view of the beach, there is another tourist attraction in the Galang sub-district. Where this tourist attraction is included in historical tourism with a variety of interesting remains.

The place in question is a refugee camp for people who came from Vietnam in the 1970s. This is because the building and the atmosphere are left as they were at that time. Therefore, the uniqueness of this historical place makes it crowded with visitors.

9. Fairly Complete Facilities

Talking about the facilities at Mirota Beach, it is actually quite complete. So, visitors who will visit here will feel satisfied later. This is because all outdoor activities that are directly related to the ocean and beaches can be found here.

An example is like the small huts that are neatly lined up on the beach. You can rent it for Rp. 50,000 per hour. In addition, if visitors want to enjoy the beach without using any facilities, they can also roll out a mat while looking at the view of the open sea.

In addition, there are also available cots for relaxing and sunbathing. So, you can enjoy the scenery comfortably. You can enjoy this one facility for free – but it’s free.

Maybe that’s all the information about the chic Mirota Beach. For those of you who plan to have a trip to the beach, also schedule this Mirota Beach.


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