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Minajaya Beach is located in Surade sub-district, Sukabumi district, West Java. It is said that the name of this beach comes from the name of the ship, namely the Minajaya ship which carried weapons that sank there and finally immortalized as the name of a beach.

This beach is still fairly natural and beautiful. The village atmosphere is still very thick there with views of local residents who make their living as fishermen and farmers. Not many people, especially from outside West Java, know about the existence and beauty of this pentai. So, the condition of the beach is also relatively quiet.

Entrance ticket prices at Minajaya Beach

To be able to enter Minajaya beach, visitors are free or free. It’s just that if visitors bring private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars, parking fees will be charged with standard numbers. So, tourism to this beach is very cheap and affordable for all people, only access to the location is quite difficult.

Access to the beach location Minajaya can use private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars. However, when it has entered a rural area the road is not easy to pass because many are damaged, so it is better to use a motorbike.

If the trip starts from Jakarta then you can pass the route Ciawi Curug – Cibadak – Cikembar – Pelabuhan Ratu – Jampang Kulon – Surade – Ujung Genteng, at the Surade intersection then turn left to get to Minajaya Beach.

Meanwhile, if the trip starts from Bandung, you can pass almost the same route, namely Cianjur – Sukabumi – Jampang Tengah – Jampang Kulon – Surade, the intersection take a left turn to get to Minajaya beach. It would be nice to ask local people when you are confused.

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Attractions in Minajaya Beach

1. View of the mouth of the Cipamarangan River

To the east of Minajaya beach, there is the mouth of the Cipamarang river which offers a peaceful beach. The river water then flows and empties into the sea so that there is a mixture of the two types of water into one. This has become a characteristic and special attraction for visitors.

Besides that, it has also added to the atmosphere of the beauty of the natural environment around the beach to become more exotic and looks natural. This view can be a photo spot and selfie background for visitors who are fond of photography.

2. Typical Sea Water Color, namely Green

The sea on this beach has a water color that is quite different from the ocean in general, namely greenish. Apart from that, the sea is clean and clear because there is no trash floating there. The greenish color of the sea is due to the large amount of seaweed that grows in and on the seashore.

3. Sunset and Sunrise views

On Minajaya beach, visitors can also enjoy the charming sunset and sunrise views. Especially when viewed from the shoreline at sunset, it is as if the sun is being swallowed up by the vast blue ocean. The color of the sky changes to orange and yellow which is suitable for use as a photo background.

Meanwhile, when the sun appears the rays make the beach sand look shiny and clean. It can be a sight that needs to be enjoyed as well as a photo spot or selfie background and the like.

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4. Beach sand is brownish

Minajaya Beach has a distinctive sand color, which is brownish. Besides that, it is also fairly clean and has a smooth texture. It can make visitors comfortable and relax on the sand. Visitors can also just play sand, volleyball, and soccer on the beach sand, especially for children.

Due to the wide beach, there is a special camping area so that visitors will still be comfortable setting up tents or camping with friends and family. In addition, several other facilities are also available such as a large parking area, food stalls, and so on. There is also a fish shop there, where visitors can buy and burn themselves by the sea while relaxing.

5. Many Rock Views

Minajaya Beach has quite a lot of coral rocks and is spread over several points. Moreover, in the coastal area there are many small rocks that are clearly visible when the sea is receding. The coral reef is overgrown with seaweed which is the livelihood of the local people.

Many of the local residents are fishermen and seaweed farmers. So it is not surprising that the view of harvesting seaweed around this beach is a common thing. Meanwhile, visitors can also make the rocks on the beach into beautiful photo spots.

6. Suitable As A Surfing Spot

There are also visitors who go to Minajaya beach for just surfing. Indeed, there is a surfing destination, especially for those who pursue this hobby. The sea waves there are quite high but also calm and safe for surfing. The high waves crashing against large rocks makes the sound more distinctive and amazing.

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7. Beautiful and Natural Countryside Atmosphere

The people around the coast of Minajaya are very friendly and kind, considering that they are also friendly to the ocean and the coast. This is because most of them work as fishermen as well as seaweed farmers. Not far from this beach point, there are fish ponds managed by local residents.

That is the review of Minajaya beach which is no less interesting than the big beaches in Bali and so on. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Sukabumi area themselves and should not miss this beach tourist destination.


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