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The perfect place to enjoy the sunset. As a beach tour equipped with a variety of cheap culinary delights. Every evening before evening, people of all ages and strata throng the area of ​​the shoreline no less than 400 meters. Especially young people, this place is a place to go out, especially when the night is crawling up … Ronde, es teler, grilled chicken, roasted corn, mixed ice, chips, tofu tek-tek, various juices, meatballs and a variety of other culinary delights can be enjoyed while sweeping the view to the open sea to Balikpapan bay which leads to the southwest. Large ships, both cargo ships and passenger ships, pass from and to Balikpapan Bay. It was enlivened again by coal pontoons heading to Tebang Bay, especially to the Balikpapan Coal Terminal which is the only coal terminal in Balikpapan … For those who catch colds easily, don’t forget to bring a jacket if you want to relax at Malawai Beach at night, considering that the night wind gusts pretty hard on the beach area … And for those who are dating, please keep the norms of religion and society, because the Satpol PP can pick up the perpetrators at any time. Those who want to carry out the obligation to pray, at the end of the beach there is the Al Muna mosque, which always echoes the call to prayer every five times a prayer. The mosque room is cool because of the air conditioning. On the south side terrace, we can see the sea view with a wider view.

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