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This area is a small village located in one of the least visited places in Bali. Although rarely visited, this place is a favorite of surfers. Most visitors are in this place for surfing purposes. For non-surfers, this place offers a Balinese atmosphere before experiencing an increase in visitors.

Medewi Beach is also the perfect place to take a walk. In addition, if you want to rent a motorbike, chances are you can also rent it from the hotel where you are staying at a price that is not too expensive.

Entrance ticket prices at Medewi Beach

The advantage of traveling in this place is that you don’t have to pay more to enjoy all the beauty that is in this area. You don’t need to pay for an entrance ticket, it’s just that there are some points that require you to pay to enjoy the facilities. Including if you want to enjoy a culinary tour.

But if you just want to enjoy the natural scenery, you don’t have to worry about having to pay a fortune. It is enough to prepare money to pay parking fees only.

Medewi Beach is located about 75 kilometers west of Denpasar on the main south coast road, about 34 kilometers west of Tabanan City. Anyone who goes to this area from the south of Bali to the west port of Gilimanuk will pass this place, thus, you can conclude that Medewi Beach is not too difficult to reach.

Tourism Object on Medewi Beach

1. Enjoying a beach walk

The coast is divided into, the eastern part which is more rocky with many scattered rocks and black coast, as well as the western part which is more sandy. This beach is not the best for sunbathing, but it is very pleasant to walk along the side.

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2. Seeing Fishermen’s Activities and Buying Fresh Fish

Fishermen operating around the coast carry their catch to the east of the river, which you can access not far from the main road. You can buy a wide variety of fresh seafood at a low price, or just have a look. But guaranteed you will be tempted to see it.

3. Enjoy activities with local residents

Around this place you can also see the activities of fishermen taking care of their nets, selling their catch, children living in this area playing, and seeing boats being pulled out of the water. Around 10 am, you can start buying fresh fish.

4. Feel the sensation of driving a vehicle past a tree

Bunut Bolong, or “magic tree” located about 20 minutes drive northeast of Medewi Beach is a banyan tree that has grown in such a way that it has a hole large enough in the middle for vehicles to pass through.

If the weather is hot, this is a good opportunity to enjoy it. You only need to pay a few thousand rupiah according to the vehicle you are carrying, sign in the guest book, then make a donation to employees as the cost of maintaining the surrounding environment. And keep it free of trash.

5. Surfing

On Medewi Beach, you can try surfing or surfing. There are big waves all year round at Medewi Beach and are very popular with surfers. The biggest waves occur around July to August.

Around this beach there are also several surfing spots that you can enjoy, including Balian Beach which is 30 minutes away. To find out the latest condition of Medewi Beach, check Medewi Surf Information.

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6. Relax

On this beach, of course you can relax in a very quiet seaside village. You can find many activities such as bar activities, surfing and local fishermen activities.

7. Swim in Waterfalls.

Juwuk Manis Waterfall is located 30 minutes drive from Medewi Beach. Even though it is not the most fantastic waterfall in Bali, this one is definitely worth a visit if you are not planning to visit another one. The road to this waterfall is new and in good condition.

But remember, the journey you have to take is quite long, which is about 800 steps. Then don’t forget to bring a bottle of drinking water. This trip, although tiring, will pay off with the views you will encounter at the location later.

8. Enjoy Local Cafes and Restaurants.

Along and around this beach, you can find lots of restaurants and stalls scattered around. Most of them look simple, but make no mistake, you won’t regret it after tasting how delicious the food is there.

The stalls also offer a wide selection of varied local menus. Most of the owners of these warung businesses are mothers who are good at cooking, so in addition to cooking for their own families, they also market their dishes that are no less delicious than those sold in famous restaurants.

Still hesitant to travel to Medewi Beach? We recommend that you don’t have to think anymore, just enter Medewi Beach as your next tourist destination.


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