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Talking about Lombok Island tourism will never end, the beauty of every tourist attraction on this island really captivates the attention of every tourist who comes to visit the island that owns Mount Rinjani. The beach with views of green hills has indeed become the hallmark of the island of Lombok.

One of them is Mawun Beach. Mawun Beach is a beach tourist attraction on the island of Lombok, the characteristic of this beach is a large green hill flanking its shoreline, Mawun Beach has a very amazing panorama, the beauty of Mawun Beach that has not been touched by modernization makes the environment of this beach feel calm and peace.

Mawun Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

Other information about Mawun Beach is the entrance ticket price to this beach, which is IDR 10,000 per person. Of course, this price is not too expensive considering that it will be rewarded with the beauty of the beach with the beauty of green hills. Plus, you can see a very diverse exotic panorama, as well as beaches with white sand and clear blue sea water.

Mawun Beach Routes and Locations

Mawun beach is in a quite complicated location and far from urban areas, so it makes it very difficult for us to come to this beach. Especially with road conditions that are not so good, it will hamper and prolong travel time.

This mawun beach is between 2 locations namely Kuta Beach and Selong Belanak Beach which are also no less beautiful and enchanting than this beach. Mawun Beach is located precisely in Tumpak Village, Kec.Pujuk, Central Lombok Island Regency.

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To reach the location of Mawun Beach, tourists can spend approximately 2 hours from the city of Mataram by motorized vehicle. Even though it has to take a long journey with a location that is quite far, you will not be in vain when you get to this location.

Tourism Activities on Mawun Beach

The location of the beach which is quite far and requires a fairly long travel time, will not be an obstacle for tourists to have an excursion to this beautiful beach. The condition of the divided beach is free of trash so that the environment of Mawun Beach looks clean and beautiful, don’t want to be missed when you have the opportunity to visit Lombok Island.

You will feel at home and comfortable with the soothing atmosphere of this pristine Mawun Beach, the soothing breeze when we are on the edge of the beach to enjoy the waves that are not too big add to the characteristics of this beach. Some of the tourist activities that you can do while visiting Panta Mawun are as follows:

1. Swimming and playing the waves on the beach

Swimming is indeed a mandatory activity that we often do when traveling to the beach, especially if the beach has clear blue sea water and white sand that seems to call us to play with it.

However, there are some beaches that are not allowed for tourists who want to swim, such as beaches with very large waves which are not safe for the safety of visitors. But not for mawun beach.

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The characteristics of the waves are not that big, making it possible for tourists who want to swim on this beach, and the clear blue sea water will make us want to enjoy the clarity of the sea even more. Swimming at Mawun Beach is not dangerous and is indeed one of the tourist activities on this beach.

However, even though it is not too dangerous for those of you who want to swim at the beach, you must be careful, especially if you bring children, so that you keep an eye on your children when swimming, because the beach bottom is quite steep and can make your child enter. into the deep part of the beach, therefore you have to keep an eye on your baby.

2. Enjoy the delicacy of Seafood dishes at Mawun Beach

Seafood is a typical food from a beach, including Mawun Beach. Many traditional stalls are located on the edge of Mawun Beach, which allow you to enjoy Seafood on the island of Lombok. There are various menus such as Lobster, Crab, Sea fish cooked with Lombok special spices.

The beautiful natural scenery of Mawun Beach will increase your appetite when dining on this beach. The green scenery of the hills that stretch out on Mawun Beach and the soothing breeze will also add to your appetite.

3. Enjoy the beauty of the beach while spending the night at Mawun Beach

Given that this beach has not been touched by modernization, so there are no inns in the location of this Mawun Beach. However, for those of you who want to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of Mawun Beach, and want to spend the night here, you can camp here.

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But before that, for the sake of your safety and security when camping here, you are required to pay security to the people there for IDR 50,000 per night.


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