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Maruni Beach is one of the beaches in West Papua, to be precise, Manokwari district. This beach has white sand, like most other beaches in Papua. This beach is one of the attractions in Manokwari. Both domestic and foreign tourists like to visit this beach. When the holiday season or weekends especially, the beach will be very crowded.

The waves on this beach are quite friendly, the sky forms rolling clouds. This beach is also a very good photo spot. Lots of tourists come even if they just take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere. Bring your best camera and smile so you don’t regret not having good pictures when you come home.

Entrance ticket prices at Maruni Beach

The price of admission to this beach is free. You may only need to pay a parking fee of around IDR 5,000. The price is very affordable considering you are entering a beautiful and beautiful beach area. This nature tourism is also open 24 hours, you can come to this beach anytime. When it comes at night, you will most likely have free parking.

This very affordable price is widely used by visitors, because not many beaches in Papua have free entry rates. Most managers charge between Rp. 10,000 and Rp. 20,000 to access the beaches. The beach itself is still managed by local residents and not an institution or government, so the entry fee is still free.

The route to this beach is very easy, you just have to go to Manokwari Regency and it is located in the city part. Then direct your vehicle towards Jalan Pahlawan, along Jalan Trikora Wosi, Jalan Drs. Esau Sesa. Then head to Jl. Trikora Taman Ria, enter Manokwari Street and you will arrive at Maruni beach.

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From the city center of Manokwari to this beach, travel time using a 4-wheeled vehicle is only about 30 minutes, at most 45 minutes. It will be even faster if using only two-wheeled vehicles. For public transportation itself, it is still not available because this beach is in a fairly remote location. But the atmosphere and beauty will not disappoint you.

Tourism Object in Maruni Beach

1. Historical Buildings

There are several old buildings located in the coastal area. You can explore them one by one and find interesting and unique photo spots. Certainly there is nothing to lose from going through these buildings.

2. Lodge Lodging

There are also lodges that you can use as a place to stay while on the beach. You can choose a room and stay for a few days while enjoying your vacation. Regarding price, this lodging price is quite affordable compared to you have to stay at luxury hotels.

3. Beach Exploration

This beach happens to be located on a row of white sand beaches in Manokwari. You can also explore other beaches in order to get a more memorable and more memorable experience in your head.

4. Culinary Tour

You can also explore the culinary tours around the beach, no need to look for restaurants or the like if your stomach starts to get hungry. There are grilled fish whose fish is caught directly from the sea, as well as other specialties from Papua.

5. Swimming

The waves on this beach are known to be calm and you can swim in the water. Prepare your bathing suit so it doesn’t feel heavy when swimming.

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6. Sunset

Just like Bakaro Beach, on Maruni Beach you can also see the sunset. The atmosphere will turn out to be very serene and beautiful.

7. Beach volleyball

Of course, this one sport is a mainstay when you are on vacation to the beach. You can do beach volleyball activities with friends to make it more exciting and fun.

Those are some of the activities that can be done at Maruni Beach. There are many other things you can do on this beach. Inviting family and loved ones will certainly bring peace and tranquility in itself. Bring comfortable clothes while on vacation. Have a good vacation.


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