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Anyer is a tourist area located in the western part of Java Island. Has various types and names of beaches that can be visited. One of the beaches is Marbella Anyer Beach. It is a beach that has a beautiful panorama so that it is visited by many tourists, both local and foreign.

You can find Marbella Beach if you trace the Sambolo Beach line. Located in front of the Marbella hotel. Marbella Beach Anyer is geographically located in the Anyer area, Banten Province. Located in Bandulu Village, Anyar District, Serang Regency, Banten, Indonesia. Has a distance of 148 km from the city center of Jakarta and takes about 2 hours 48 minutes using a four-wheeled vehicle.

Marbella Anyer Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

To enter this tourist destination you need to spend some money for the entrance fee. Entrance ticket to Marbella Beach is combined with vehicle retribution fees. If you use your motorbike, you will be charged IDR 15,000- IDR 25,000. For cars and private vehicles, a fee of between Rp. 50,000 – Rp. 100,000 is charged. Each person who enters will be charged IDR 5,000 / person.

Because it is located in a developed and modern business district, access to Marbella beach is quite easy. This is because the government has built public facilities and roads properly so that various types of vehicles will be able to travel to Marbella beach. The roads are paved and well aligned.

For tourists who do not come from the attack area or come from abroad, there is no need to worry about not finding a beach location. The location of Marbella beach is already on google maps making it easier for tourists to come. In addition there will be many signs around the road that will help your journey.

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Because Marbella Beach is one of the popular tourist destinations, the route to Marbella beach usually experiences traffic jams, especially during the holiday season. The path that is quite busy is the one that comes from the city center.

The route you can choose from the city center is the Cilegon route. Via the Cilegon route, you can get to your destination more quickly. If we use a private car, the journey will start after moving to the West Cilegon toll exchange. After that you will find a two-branch road towards Merak and Anyer. You can choose anyer route.

Marbella Anyer Beach is on a different island from the island of Bali. Marbella Beach is located on the island of Java. To get to Marbella beach, you can do air-land or sea-land travel packages.

To take the air-land route, you can depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Travel by plane for one hour to Soekarno-Hatta Airport or Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. After going through air travel, you can continue the journey by using a four-wheeled vehicle to Marbella Beach.

In sea-land travel packages. You can start your journey by boarding a boat from the port of Gilimanuk Harbor in Bali. By boat, it will take about one hour to the port of Ketapang. Then after arriving in Java, continue the journey by four-wheeled land vehicles to Marbella Beach.

If you are using the air-ground route, the estimated travel time can be around four hours. One hour for air travel and two to three hours for road travel. Depends on congestion. If you choose the sea-land route, you can spend up to one full day. One hour for sea trips and most days for road trips.

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Attractions in Marbella Beach Anyer

Here are some interesting attractions on the beach of Marbella Anyer

1. Best Spot to Stay

Marbella Beach gets its name based on the hotel located across from the beach. If you want to enjoy the feeling of staying in a luxury hotel with extraordinary beach views, you can come to Marbella beach. This is because on Marbella beach there is Hotel Marbella, a hotel that has a five star rating.

Hotel Marbella has qualified and adequate facilities, besides that your comfort will be guaranteed. You will also have many choices of rooms that you want to use because Marbella hotel provides various types of space. Starting from economy class to yang suite room. Almost all rooms in this hotel have sea views.

In addition, the location of the beach and the hotel is opposite, so tourists can easily and anytime visit the beach. You also don’t have to bother to rinse and rest because the beach is very close to where you stay.

2. Spot the Water Game

One of the next attractions that you can try is Banana Boat, a game with a banana-shaped rubber boat. This boat has no engine. To run this boat, you will be towed by speed boat. You must have a group of five to ride this ride and spend IDR 150,000 for every fifteen minutes of play.

If you don’t want to play water games, you can also play water as usual. Because the sloping coastline and the waves are not too big, tourists can play water comfortably. There are also surfboard and buoy rentals for paid tourists.

3. New Year’s Spot Together

When the new year wants to enjoy the new atmosphere? Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beach atmosphere? You can celebrate new year at Marbella beach. This beach is usually used as a spot to celebrate the new year because on the outskirts of Marbella beach there are huts that are used by tourists to wait for the new year.

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4. Spot Beautiful Views and the Best Way

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Marbella Beach is one of the smarts in Anyer which has a view that can spoil the eye. This beach has fine white sand as far as the eye can see. The sea water is a refreshing blue, perfect for tourists who want to unwind from everyday life. In addition, Marbella beach is also the cleanest beach compared to other Anyer beaches.

With beautiful views and clean beaches, Marbella beach is a beach that is quite comfortable to visit. Many tourists are just taking a walk along the coastline. This is also supported by the Marbella coastline which is quite gentle so it is safe for tourists to walk around.

5. Beach Spot with Complete Facilities

As one of the popular beaches, various facilities have been built to ensure the comfort of tourists while traveling. If you are hungry or thirsty, there are already various cafes and street vendors selling neatly on the beach. If you want to pray, a prayer room is also available. If you don’t bring a change of clothes, there are also clothes sellers around the beach.

Even if you want to get a tattoo, there are many tattoo artists around offering their services to tourists. You can also get souvenirs around Marbella beach. You can get a pleasant vacation here. So, don’t hesitate to visit Marbella beach and enjoy the excitement.


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