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The long holiday period is approaching. Have you already made travel plans for your upcoming vacation? If not, it’s a good idea to consider a choice of tourist attractions in East Java, especially Tuban. Tuban is one of the districts in East Java that has a variety of natural charms to pamper your eyes.

Of the rows of beaches that you can visit, Mangrove Beach or also known as the Mangrove Center is one destination that should be considered. Not too far from the main pantura road, this beach is very easy to access. Visitors can feel the beauty of the beach without having to fear the heat. This tourist spot is suitable for the whole family.

Ticket prices at Mangrove Beach

You don’t need to worry about the costs to visit this beach. You will be charged an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 to enter the mangrove cultivation area. Meanwhile, to visit the area around the beach, you are not charged anything. In short, this beach is perfect for family travel without having to worry about your budget.

This price is actually considered very cheap considering the many facilities you can get at Mangrove Beach. There are animal sanctuaries, photography spots, mangrove cultivation areas and various other areas that you can visit. Of course you can also enjoy the beauty of the beach around the mangrove cultivation.

Mangrove Beach has very easy access so visitors don’t have to worry about getting lost. The route that can be used is the main pantura road. When you enter Jenu District, you will find the entrance to the Mangrove Center Tour. This door is south of the main road. This beach is located only about 100 meters from the main road so it is very easy to find.

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Attractions on the Mangrove Beach

Mangrove Center and Mangrove Beach have several attractions to attract visitors. Here are some things you can do on this beach:

1. Educational Facilities

Not only as a tourist spot, Mangrove Beach also functions as a means of education, especially with regard to mangroves and marine ecosystems. Many schools bring their students to this beach so they can learn about mangrove cultivation. It’s no wonder that this place is always crowded both during holidays and on active weekdays.

2. Outbound

Mangrove Beach provides an Outbound arena for students, students and the general public. Surely you can imagine how much fun outbound activities can be in the area around the beach. The manager has provided adequate facilities such as toilets, toilets, prayer rooms, canteen and gazebo so you don’t have to worry about the comfort you can get.

3. Camping

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to camp by the beach? Mangrove Beach Manager provides camping ground for you. The wide and clean area makes this place a favorite choice for camping. Coupled with adequate facilities so that camping activities can run smoothly.

4. Finding Shells

The area around the mangrove cultivation is a favorite residence for beach shells. You are allowed to look for shells in this area, provided that it does not damage the mangrove cultivated. This activity can be a lot of fun especially if you’ve never done this before. Plus you can enjoy the shellfish afterwards.

5. Workshop Area

If the Workshop Area is identical to a boring place, the Mangrove Center offers a new sensation for the Workshop. The Beach Manager provides a Workshop Area that allows you to organize workshops around Mangrove cultivation. In short, you can work as well as vacation in this place.

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6. Spot the Rising Sun

If you like photography, try to visit Mangrove Beach in the morning. This beach has a special spot to capture beautiful moments at sunrise. Not only that, you can also catch some interesting objects such as rare seabirds and blekok birds flying in the mangrove area and mangrove seeds that are being cultivated.

7. Animal Breeding

Mangrove Beach also has a special area for animal breeding. You can see some endangered animals whose habitats are beginning to be disturbed. Animals that you can find in captivity include various types of water birds. Not only that, a group of blekok birds are also often seen flying around the mangrove in the morning and evening.

So, are you interested in visiting one of these beaches in Tuban? Mangrove Beach is a tourist destination that deserves to be included in your list of vacation destinations. Not only on vacation, you and your family can also learn about mangrove cultivation and beach life that you can’t find in the city. Have fun at Mangrove Beach.


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