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Discussing tourism in Garut district is endless. In the southern part, there are rows of beautiful beaches with their own uniqueness. Although along the southern coast of Garut one line with the southern coast, it seems that each beach in Garut differentiates itself from one another. Apart from these uniqueness differences, there is one beach in Garut that has stunning natural beauty.

The beach in question is Manasulu beach. The name of this beach is not as popular as other beaches in Garut. Not all Garut residents even know the existence of this beach. This beach became famous because of the many reviewers from visitors through social media which then spread. This beach has not been used as a commercial beach by the Garut government, therefore the facilities are very minimal.

Entrance ticket prices at Manalusu Beach

Visitors who come to Manalusu beach are not charged an entrance fee, aka free for the public. Therefore, this beach is very suitable as a tourist destination with large families or groups. Visitors will be charged a parking fee of Rp. 3,000 – Rp. 5,000, depending on the type of vehicle. This fee includes the cost of caring for the vehicle and is carried out by local residents.

For tourists who come from the city of Garut, there are two alternative routes that can be traversed if you want to visit Manalusu beach. The beach, which is precisely located in Cigadog village, Cikelet sub-district, Garut Regency, can be reached via the Garut – Cikajang highway then straight south to Cikajang road. After that pass the Ciparay area. Be careful because the road is winding.

Then continue straight south until Jalan Raya Cihurip and arrive at Jalan Cisompet. From the Cisompet road, still go straight south until Jalan Raya Cigodeg and find a left and right junction. Take a right turn onto Cilauteureun road then head straight west. Jalan Cilauteureun is a West Java Trans line connection, so there will be many buses and large vehicles passing through.

Visitors who come from the city of Garut can also pass Jalan Raya Samarang and then go straight south to Jalan Raya Simpang – Samarang and continue to Jalan Raya Garut – Cikajang. At the junction between the Cikajang highway, turn right towards Jalan Raya Cibuluh. Then the journey continues back south to Jalan Raya Simpang Cikandang.

Then pass Jalan Raya Depok Bungbulang and end with Jalan Raya Ranca Buaya. Arriving at the junction of Jalan Raya Ranca Buaya (in front of Alfamart Rancabuaya), turn left towards Cikelet sub-district. The route that will be passed is the Trans Answerarat route which is connected to an alternative route that passes through the Ciparay area (previously explained).

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The location of Manalusu beach is precisely on the edge of the Trans Java West route so that visitors do not need to enter an alley or other path. As for this beach also has a road marker which serves to accurately inform the location of Manalusu beach. Around the beach there are also many buildings such as inns, shopping and offices so that this beach location is easy to find.

Tourism Object on Manalusu Beach

1. White sand along the beach lips

For tourists who want natural white sand tourism, then Manalusu beach is the main choice. Because this beach is relatively quiet, the sand on this beach seems like it has never been touched by humans. Until that was scattered only the leaves of the surrounding trees, seaweed, and a few pieces of coral. Of course, trash from human activities will be very rare here.

The clean sand makes visitors very comfortable to do activities on the sand such as sunbathing, playing sand, playing beach ball, playing beach volleyball, or just taking a walk on the soft, smooth and sloping sand. Especially if the beach sand is still wet with sea water, the sand will feel cold and very fun if you want to make a sand castle.

2. Green Rocks

This is what makes Manalusu beach nicknamed the Emerald from the south. Around the shoreline there are green corals. The green color is caused by algae or sea moss attached to the coral. The green color contrasts sharply with the white sand of Manalusu beach. Therefore, the green color of the rock looks very clear and bright.

The existence of this green rock is also seen as a natural barrier that limits the sand to sea water. This coral reef can also prevent the waves from rising to the shoreline. So that visitors who want to enjoy the charm of Manalusu beach by sunbathing or lying on the beach sand don’t have to worry if at any time the waves are swept up to the shoreline.

3. Beautiful and Quiet Beach Location

Manalusu Beach, which is about 141 kilometers from downtown Garut, has a beautiful natural atmosphere. Because the location is very far from the center of the hustle and bustle of the city, Manalusu beach is classified as a quiet beach. This beach is perfect for tourists who want tranquility and peace. On this beach the air is very fresh, cool and calming.

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Even though it is on the edge of the highway, this does not affect the natural conditions of Manalusu beach. Visitors who come to this beach will be greeted with the sound of birds singing as melodious natural music. Of course, the rural atmosphere will be felt and make the soul closer to nature. It is recommended for tourists who want to experience a combination of beach and countryside.

4. Giant Aquarium

Hearing the word aquarium, what comes to mind is a variety of beautiful and unique ornamental fish. But here the giant aquarium in question is Manalusu beach itself. This beach is a surge for 150 types of fish and at least 400 types of marine plants. The diversity of Manalusu beach marine life makes it very suitable to be called a giant natural Aquarium with a complete collection.

Fish on this beach are often found playing along the shoreline so that visitors can catch fish freely. As for the high tide, the fish can be carried away by the waves to the indentation of the rock and stay there until the waves return. This is what makes visitors often find small fish ecosystems among the coral rocks on the beach.

5. Clear Beach Water

The preservation of Manalusu beach water is still maintained and perfectly maintained, including the animals that live in it. Therefore, beach water is very safe to use for various activities such as swimming because there are no pollutants or waste that pollutes the sea water at Manalusu beach, playing water especially for children and babies, and even doing diving activities.

Diving on this beach is very exciting because tourists can see first hand a variety of living things that have an ecosystem on the Manalusu beach. Visitors also don’t need to be afraid to swim because this beach has shallow geographic conditions with sloping and smooth beach sand. In addition, coral flakes or shells that can injure the body are very rare.

6. Rent a fishing boat

Because on Manalusi beach there is a very diverse and abundant marine animal biota, the local people who work as fishermen use Manalusu beach as a location to catch fish. Therefore, visitors will find a row of fishing boats around the shoreline. Actually the fishing boat only functions to catch fish.

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However, for visitors who want to enjoy the charm of Manalusu beach up close, visitors can negotiate with fishermen who own boats and rent their boats. For visitors who want to see first hand the contents of the sea at Manalusu beach but are afraid or unable to swim, then renting a boat belonging to this fisherman is the solution. From the surface of the sea, the fish and seaweed are clearly visible.

7. Fishing Activities

Fishing on this Manalusu beach has its own impression. Anglers will not be able to wait long for the fishing hook to be attacked by fish. In addition, because of the diverse and abundant fish existence, anglers will not be disappointed because they do not get results. Anglers can also sit on a rock that juts into the sea to get closer to the fishing spot.

Fishing will be very memorable because it directly faces the expanse of blue sea water and the waves. Supported by a beautiful and cool beach atmosphere makes fishing activities feel unusual. No wonder the fishermen around Manalusu beach are happy to spend a long time looking for fish on this beach. Especially in the afternoon, where the sun is getting dim and golden.

8. Typical Sea Culinary of Manalusu Beach

It’s not complete if you visit a tourist destination but don’t enjoy the snacks or culinary delights that are sold. Likewise, if you visit Manalusu Beach. Around this beach there are tent stalls that are lined up and become a fun culinary tourism spot. Food vendors around the coast provide processed seafood as the main menu for heavy meals.

There are also several local snacks that are served if you want to enjoy a light meal or snack and what is no less fun is the food vendor selling various types of Garut specialties. The price charged per meal is also very affordable and does not dry out visitors’ wallets. In addition, sellers who are local residents are very friendly to welcome buyers.

A glimpse of the description of Manalusu beach, Zamrud from the south of Garut with the potential for natural beauty that is no less beautiful than other famous beaches in Indonesia. Make sure not to miss a visit to Manalusu beach when visiting Garut. Keep maintaining the beauty and preservation of nature so that it will be maintained until later.


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