Malalayang Beach – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews


If I am in Manado, why do I go to Malalayang Beach? because here is the right location to see the beauty of the sea, the island of Bunaken and its comfortable to hear the pounding of powder plus enjoying goroho bananas and red bean ice. Have been here several times to enjoy the view of the blue sea, old Manado, Bunaken and the suburbs of Manado, while enjoying my favorite Goroho Banana (with its signature chili sauce) and a warm drink. Chat casually with friends. Wow, relax … .. Hang out in the evening and at night with friends .. Not too far from the city of Manado and located on a busy crossing .. What needs to be maintained here for both the government and the local community is the cleanliness of the environment and the order / arrangement of the stalls, these are 2 points important that must be maintained or improved, not to deteriorate the condition.



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