Maknyus, 10 Delicious Culinary Typical of Cirebon You Must Try!



Travel Blog Indonesia – Cirebon is a city in West Java which is also a favorite destination for travelers. Apart from the existence of the Pantura Line or megamendung batik with charming motifs, this Mayor is also known to have many delicious menu choices with authentic flavors, you know. Even though currently there are restaurants that offer modern dishes, in fact the legendary delicious culinary delights of Cirebon still exist and are in demand.

Don’t admit that you are a culinary lover of the archipelago if you haven’t tried one of the 10 delicious culinary lists typical of Cirebon. Be careful, addicted!

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1. Sega Jamblang

Get ready to be addicted when eating this legendary culinary. Actually, sega jamblang or nasi jamblang is a very simple type of food.

A portion of rice is served along with various choices of side dishes such as fried tempeh, salted fish, pepes, fried chicken, shrimp, satay, stews, vegetables, chili sauce and many more. What makes it special is the use of teak leaves as a container to serve this food.

2. Empal Barrel

If you like a menu with soup, you can really choose this one menu. What makes empal barrels taste different from other culinary delights is that it is cooked on firewood and barrels.

The resulting aroma is certainly more delicious. A bowl of empal gentong will be filled with pieces of meat, beef offal, and rice cake which are then doused with a savory coconut milk broth. To make it more enjoyable, you can enjoy it with chives or chili sauce.

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3. Tofu Gejrot

You may have tried this delicious culinary specialties from Cirebon. Apart from their hometown, tofu gejrot is easy to find in other places. It’s best to enjoy a portion of this snack when you’re hanging out with friends or family.

Gejrot tofu is made from slices of fried tofu doused with a sweet sauce made from tamarind water, palm sugar, and soy sauce. The seasoning of this food is quite simple because it only uses cayenne pepper and onions. Even so, the taste offered is very special. This is because the combination of sweet, sour, savory, and spicy flavors blends perfectly in the mouth.

4. Sega Lengko

This legendary culinary taste is suitable for those of you who are undergoing a diet program. This is because sega lengko or sticky rice is made from fiber-rich and low-fat ingredients. A portion of sticky rice served with warm white rice, fried tempeh, fried tofu, cucumber slices, boiled bean sprouts, and pecel seasoning.

A sprinkling of chopped chives and fried onions will add to the rich flavor of this segaengko. Don’t forget to include crackers when enjoying them. It must be better.

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5. Cool Noodles

Bandung has shaked noodles, Cirebon has cool noodles. Even though they have almost similar names, the presentation of these two special culinary delights is completely different, you know.

At first glance, this koclok noodle is similar to chicken porridge. This is due to the thick sauce made from broth, coconut milk, and cornstarch mixture. A plate of koclok noodles filled with yellow noodles, shredded chicken, egg pieces, bean sprouts, sprinkling of green onions, and fried onions. Hmm .. really delicious right? Next …

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