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Lovina Beach is unique compared to other beaches in Bali. Here visitors will be able to see dolphins swimming freely in the open sea every morning.

Before discussing further about the activities that can be done here, you should know information about ticket prices and also how to get to Lovina Beach.

Price of admission

If visitors just come to the beach, there is no fee to be paid. But if you want to see dolphins, of course visitors are required to pay.

The facilities offered at Lovina Beach are very different from other beaches, where tourists can see dolphins at this location. If you are interested in seeing dolphins, then you are required to pay IDR 50,000 for children and IDR 100,000 for adults.

The distance that must be taken from Ngurah Rai Airport to Lovina Beach is quite far, which is about 94 km. To get to this place takes at least 3 hours. This beach is located in the northern part of Bali Island.

Tourists who come to visit are expected to hire a driver or use a tour guide service, so they don’t have to bother thinking about any roads. If visitors still want to drive the rental vehicle themselves, then you will really need Google Maps.

Interesting thing

There are lots of activities that can be done in this place, such as taking pictures with the dolphin monument, watching dolphins, eating a meal at Warung Nemo Lovina, visiting the Lovina Bridge, and staying at Frangipani Beach.

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1. Take a photo with Lumba – Lumba Monument

The first thing that tourists who arrive at this place must do is to capture the moment together with the dolphin monument. This mammal is the mascot of Lovina Beach. Therefore, the existing monument has a lot of dolphin statues.

2. Watch the dolphins

For those who are interested, visitors are required to be at the location at 6 o’clock, because dolphins usually come out at 8 o’clock. After seeing the dolphins, another activity that can be done is snorkeling.

One boat rental can be done for at least 2 hours. The maximum capacity of the boat is 5 passengers. Each passenger will be fitted with a buoy as a safety requirement.

3. Taste the dishes at Warung Nemo Lovina

This food stall is located on the edge of the beach, so you can see closely the peaceful atmosphere of the beach both in the morning and at night. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful sunset on Lovina Beach through this place. This restaurant opens at 10:00 a.m. and will be closed at 23:00 at night.

Not only that, visitors can also see that there are lots of traditional boats passing along the sea. The most important thing is that this food stall provides tasty dishes. This place has received many positive responses from previous visitors.

4. Visiting the Lovina Bridge

Lovina Bridge has another name, namely Dermaga Cinta. This place is the best spot for photo hunting at sunset and photos around Lovina Beach. To be able to enter this area, visitors will be charged Rp. 5,000.

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Basically, this bridge is just a dock from fishing boats around. However, now this place has developed into a place to take photos for tourists.

5. Overnight at Frangipani Beach

This inn is located very close to the beach, so you can easily go to the beach to enjoy the sunset. This place also provides a very clean swimming pool. Apart from that, the bedrooms were very spacious and clean.

Even the food and cocktail services provided at this inn are also very helpful for visitors who stay at this place to relax.

6. Taste the dishes at the Root Café

The cafe is located on Jl. Binaria Kalibubuk, Anturan, Buleleng District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. This place is open from 7.00 am to 22.00 pm. This dining place is located very close to the beach, so visitors will be able to enjoy a meal while looking at the sea. This place caters to visitors very friendly.

Even in this café, vegetarians don’t have to worry, because they will be able to taste all-vegetarian dishes, such as vegan waffles, vegan creps, vegan soup, and sunshine salad. This café also provides a dessert menu in the form of ice cream which is apparently made by the chef in this place.

There have been lots of positive responses from various visitors both foreign and domestic. This cafe is highly recommended to try for those of you who visit Lovina Beach. This place is suitable for tourists who really need fiber after days of consuming only seafood and rarely consuming fiber.

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