List of 2017 Lembang Tourist Attractions You Must Visit this Year


Travel Blog Indonesia – Bandung is still a favorite destination for people, especially Jakartans, to spend their vacation time. Because, in this city there are many choices of exciting tourist attractions to explore.

Lembang, Bandung, is one of the most visited locations when the holiday season arrives. For those of you who are interested in coming there, here is a list of exciting and interesting tourist attractions in Lembang 2017.

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Lembang Travel List 2017

The Lodge Maribaya has indeed become one of the proud icons of Bandung. With a row of shady pine forests and fresh air, this tourist spot is also equipped with various popular selfie spots.

The Lodge Maribaya is still included in the ranks of 2017 Lembang tourist attractions because it is always innovating so that it can continue to captivate the hearts of visitors. Previously, you were treated to exciting facilities that stimulate your adrenaline, such as a sky tree, sky swing, and fly bike. Well, the newest there is bamboo sky and omah bamboo.

Bamboo Sky itself is the spot for the latest selfie hits there. You can take pictures with a background of greenish pine trees and bamboo arrangements that are shaped like large torches. Omah bamboo itself is a restaurant for you to relax and have a culinary tour. Interior design that is thick with traditional nuances there can make you feel at home hanging out for long.

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2. Farm House Lembang

Evidence of why Farm House Lembang is included in the 2017 Lembang tourist list is that this place is still crowded with tourists even on weekdays.

With beautiful views and cool air, you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere there. Spots such as the Hobbit House, Classic European Area, Square Square, Multipurpose Building, Love Padlocks, and Petting Zoo are mainstays for selfies.

Don’t forget to stop by Farm House Lembang this holiday, OK!

3. De’Ranch Lembang

You can feel the sensation of being a cowboy for a day when you come to this place. De’Ranch Lembang offers views of farms in America complete with a herd of horses.

You can do various exciting activities here, including exploring the De’Ranch area while riding your horse. Don’t forget to wear a special costume to make it look more like a cowboy.

To be able to enter the De’Ranch Lembang area you only need to pay a ticket of IDR 5,000. The horse rental fee is very affordable. Only IDR 20,000, you can walk around with them. Cheap, right?

4. Curug Pelangi

This one is indeed being hit on Instagram. Curug Pelangi is also known as Curug Cimahi. Here, you will be treated to views of beautiful waterfalls, beautiful green trees, and cool air.

Access to this waterfall is quite easy to reach. The uphill road has been improved and it looks even better. Apart from the waterfall, the most famous thing here is the terrace which is located at an altitude and faces directly towards the waterfall.

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Visitors usually sit there and relax while enjoying the calm atmosphere at Curug Pelangi. Moments like this are often used by them to take selfies. If you’re lucky, you can also meet a herd of wild monkeys in the Curug Pelangi area. Because, it is known as their habitat there.

5. Slopes Anteng Panoramic Coffee

If the list of tourist attractions in Lembang 2017 this one does not only offer a natural panorama. Delicious dishes and cozy hangouts are also a mainstay at Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee.

As the name implies, you will feel comfortable and calm when you are in this restaurant. You can choose your favorite seat spot. Can be in a clear tent or on the terrace with a bean bag. Want to choose any place, you can still enjoy the view of Bandung City clearly.

The entire menu is very affordable. Most of what is there are simple menus such as fried rice, instant noodles, toast, grilled banana, pinch cake, coffee, and many more. So you don’t get bored of waiting, you can also take advantage of the mini golf facilities that are there.



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