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Recently, the name Liang Beach in the Maluku Islands has been sticking out again after the photos spread and went viral on the internet. Actually, the beauty of this beach has been famous for a long time, but then it faded away because of its location which can be said to be far from reach. In fact, the charm of Liang Beach is not inferior when compared to beaches in Bali or Lombok.

Because it has a stunning natural panorama, the beach which has the local real name “Hanimua” was even named the most beautiful beach in Indonesia in 1990 by UNDP UN. This should make Indonesians feel proud and feel even more motivated to visit here.

Liang Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

For the price of admission to Liang Beach attractions varies, depending on when you come. On weekdays, the entrance fee is only IDR 10,000 / person, while weekends and holidays IDR 15,000 / person. Meanwhile, if you come with a group, a tariff of IDR 200,000 / 10 people will be charged (All include).

As additional tips for tourists who are visiting for the first time, you should provide the exact money to pay for tickets. Because if not, maybe you have to give up more than what you paid.

Liang Beach is located on Jl. Liang Province, Salahutu District, Central Maluku. Or to make it easier, it can be found at the coordinate point F8WV + 24 using Gps. The distance is approximately 31 km from Ambon City, or about 30 minutes if reached by motorized vehicle. While from Pattimura Airport, Ambon, it takes about 40 minutes.

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To get to Liang Beach, you can use private vehicles or public transportation. No need to worry because public transportation in this place is very complete. There are taxis, ojek, and also Trans Amboina which only costs Rp. 10,000 to get you to Liang Beach. Guaranteed you can apply the principle of traveling fun but still low budget.

Attractions in Liang Beach

1. Swimming

The waves are calm, the beach water is Tosca green with darker gradations in the distance. It will definitely make the feet of anyone who visits Liang Beach feel itchy and want to jump right in. This beach is indeed very charming and recommend to swim, once in the water you are guaranteed not to go up.

2. Ride a Banana Boat

The management of Liang Beach also rents water rides in the form of banana boats that you can rent to get around in the water. No need to worry about the rental rate, because it is guaranteed not to leak the bag. But unfortunately, the number of banana boats here is very limited, so if you are busy you have to queue.

3. Sun Bathing

Do you dream of having beautiful brown skin? Liang Beach is highly recommended for relaxing activities such as sun bathing or take a sun bath. Besides the place which is quite quiet, the texture of the sand here is also very soft. So there is no need to bring a mat anymore because you can immediately lie on the sand.

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4. Photo Hunting

The clearness of sea water with amazing color gradations is indeed a very tantalizing photo object. Coupled with white sand, wooden piers, views of wooden boats, and also the hills that stand firmly in the distance. Photography lovers must definitely visit this beautiful Liang Beach.

5. Cliff Jump

Equipped with a wooden pier, Liang Beach can be an alternative solution to doing activities mini cliff jump for anyone who feels bored swimming in an ordinary style. Of course this activity will be more interesting when done with a partner, although there is no prohibition for singles jumping alone.

6. Diving

Liang Beach is known as one of the beaches that has the most amazing diving or diving spots in Ambon. Not only will you be treated to amazing views of underwater life. At a depth of 15 meters, you will also find a paradise that makes you amazed, namely an underwater cave which is certainly very intriguing.

7. Dating

The beauty and serenity of Liang Beach is a perfect combination for anyone looking to spend time with their loved ones. If you happen to be on vacation with your boyfriend or wife, then you can try romance in this place.

If you are in Ambon City, you must visit Liang Beach. Because when you come home, you will definitely regret it. Besides that, the location is also not far from the city center, so there is no reason for you to miss this beach.


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