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Slowly but surely Malang is becoming one of the national beach tourist destinations. This is because Malang Regency does have many beaches whose beauty is no less than other famous beaches. One by one the beaches in Malang are becoming a byword and are visited by many tourists.

Lenggoksono Beach

One of them is Lenggoksono Beach. This beach, which is located in Purwodadi Village, Tirtoyudo District, has waves that attract the attention of local and international surfers.

If you have a hobby of surfing, it seems that you will lose money if you don’t try the waves of Lenggoksono Beach. Because this beach has big waves which are perfect for surfing.

This beach is directly connected to the Indian Ocean which is famous for its big waves. If you are interested, let’s take a look at the following Lenggoksono Beach review.

Lenggoksono Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

To be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Lenggoksono Beach, you don’t need to pay a fortune because the entrance ticket price is only IDR 5,000. Later you also have to pay a parking fee of Rp. 5000 rupiah. Not expensive, right ?.

This beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tirtoyudo District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. If from the city center of Malang, you have to cover a distance of about 60 kilometers to reach the Lenggoksono Beach area.

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Approximately 2 kilometers by motorbike and 3 to 4 hours by car. From Malang city you have to go to Dampit District first, which is 1.5 hours away. Then from Dampit, head south towards Tirtoyudo District. Then take the path to Sipelot Beach.

From here you will enjoy views of coffee and clove gardens in the villages that are passed. Upon arrival at the intersection, take the path to Lenggoksono. For the record, the route to Lenggoksono Beach has minimal signposts, so you have to take the initiative to ask residents so they don’t get lost on the way.

In addition to the minimum number of signs, the road to Lenggoksono Beach also lacks street lights and stalls. So try not to travel at night. The road that will be traversed to the Lenggoksono Beach area is not very wide but can be passed by car.

Besides that, on either side of the road there is a fairly high ravine. Even so, the scenery during this narrow and gorgeously passed path is quite beautiful. It is highly recommended for you to drive your vehicle carefully, moreover, there are some narrow sections of the road. Make sure your physical condition and also your vehicle are in a fit condition when passing this route.

It takes sufficient concentration and stamina to pass this route. In order for your trip to be more economical and practical, we recommend using a private vehicle. You won’t find a single public vehicle on the road. Indeed you can use a motorcycle taxi service from Dampit, but it is certain that the price is very expensive even when compared to taking a private vehicle.

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Tourism Object on Lenggoksono Beach

Here are some tourist attractions that can provide fun during a vacation at Lenggoksono Beach.

1. The waves are suitable for surfing

As previously stated, Lenggoksono Beach has waves high enough to be able to do surfing sports. So, if you have a hobby of surfing or just want to learn, this beach can be an option. However, surfing on this beach can only be done in certain seasons.

2. Boat tours

You can get around to other beaches from this beach. Some of them are Banyu Anjlok Beach, Bolu Bolu and Klete’an Bay. The trick is to rent a tour boat that is available. This boat can accommodate passengers up to 8 people.

Then for the rental fee itself is IDR 50,000 per person. The boat will not take you to the middle of the ocean, because you only visit other beaches. Even so, the trip to the beach feels very exciting because sometimes you have to break through the waves.

3. Snorkeling at Klete’an Bay

From the boat that has been chartered, the boatman will usually offer the most distant place to visit first, namely Bolu Bolu Beach. But on the way there we will first stop at Klete’an Bay. Without anchoring to the beach first, you can immediately snorkel after throwing yourself into the sea.

Take it easy because the depth of the ocean that you have visited is only around 5 meters. During snorkeling, you can see a variety of coral reefs that are quite beautiful, even though they are still inferior to the underwater scenery in Raja Ampat.

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4. Swim at Bolu Bolu Beach

Once satisfied with snorkeling in Klete’an Bay, the boat will sail to Bolu Bolu beach. The beach is gentle and the waves are calm and clear. It is so clear that you can see fish swimming back and forth in the water. Because of that swimming is a very fitting choice when it comes to here.

5. Play to the Waterfall that falls into the Sea

After swimming at Bolu Bolu Beach, the boat will take you to Banyu Anjlok Beach which is on the route back to Lenggoksono. This beach has a waterfall with fresh water that falls directly into the sea. The cool waterfall is perfect for bathing.

That’s what reviews are about Lenggoksono Beach in Malang, East Java. Are you interested? If so, immediately mark your calendar to determine when you will visit this beach.



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