Lebaran Traditions in Indonesia 2020, 5 Things That Our Society Commonly Do


What comes to your mind when you hear the word Eid? Long vacation? Homecoming to your hometown? Chatting with relatives? All the typical activities for Eid always color the moments of Eid in Indonesia.

As a country with a majority of Muslims, Indonesia is rich in traditions before and after Eid. Call it Eid ketupat for some people in West Sumatra and Riau or a grave pilgrimage for most Muslims in Indonesia.

There are several unique traditions that are only found when the Eid holidays arrive. Are you curious about these unique traditions? Here are some of the unique traditions that you often encounter in Indonesia.

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1. Homecoming

Nobody is sure who coined this word for the first time. Some sources say the word homecoming comes from the Betawi language, udik which means village. According to the KBBI, going home is going or sailing upstream (inland).

Meanwhile, the Javanese language Ngoko defines going home as mulih dilik or going home for a while. Go home briefly for the nomads who make a living in the capital or other cities.

As urbanization increases, the term homecoming is commonly used by the community. Migrants become people who are accustomed to doing homecoming rituals.

They use their vacation moments to return to their village to meet their relatives. Various transportation options are available to facilitate travelers, from trains, buses to airplanes.

The government also provides additional quotas to meet the quota for travelers to and from cities throughout the country.

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2. THR

Who is waiting for the THR or holiday allowances? Everyone is always waiting for this one when Eid arrives. How could it not be, THR is identical to angpao given by older people to younger ones.

Usually those who have worked are also given THR by their nephews or younger siblings. So, those of you who are already working get ready to give THR to your relatives. Prepare in advance so as not to burden your finances when Eid arrives.

3. Eid cake

Beautiful and delicious pastries lined the table neatly in jars. In Indonesia itself, this snack is mandatory to be provided in every household. There are no definite provisions on why Eid cakes should be available when Eid arrives.

But the tradition of making Eid cakes still survives today. Some people even deliberately make Eid cakes to send to their relatives as gifts. The tradition of exchanging Eid cakes is common, even in remote areas.

Even though it looks complicated, in fact, exchanging Eid cakes will strengthen the relationship between siblings. Those of you who may not have time to make certain types of cakes can get them from gifts.

Vice versa, you can taste and serve the cakes that you make to their guests. The types of cakes that we commonly encounter are nastar, kastangel, cat tongue, chocolate balls or fried peanuts seasoned with onions.

4. Gathering

When was the last time you visited relatives in the village? Maybe the moment of Eid is the right time for you to visit your family’s house. If on a normal day you wait for a certain moment or event, now is not the case.

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Eid helps you to repair the silahturahmi that was previously tenuous and disconnected.

You can come to your home in the village and chat while asking how you are. After years of not seeing each other, Eid certainly makes the awkward atmosphere melt away faster.

Not only having a friendly gathering with relatives, Eid al-Fitr in the village is also marked by visiting neighbors. Even some new, unknown neighbors are the purpose of your visit.

Naturally, given life in the village which is strongly interwoven with one another. You can also use this method as the right step to get to know new people.

Who knows, they can be your friends in business or other work relationships in the future.

5. Shop for Eid special trinkets

Markets and malls are the most visited places in the last days of Ramadan.

A week or so before Eid, people purposely shop for various Eid items. Clothing stores are one of the busiest shops and are sought after by the public.

Buying new clothes is one of the traditions behind why people are hooked on shopping on the last day of Ramadan. Not only clothes, jars to prayer mats are also included in the grocery list.

Which tradition do you always do before Eid arrives? Or are you one of the perpetrators of all the traditions above? Indonesia is indeed rich in the typical Eid traditions which are very dear to miss.

Don’t miss the euphoria of Eid without being full of joy. You can make this moment that happens once a year to come back with your family without having to mess around with various life problems.

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