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Indonesia is a country that is famous for having many islands and beaches, not a few beaches and well-known islands in Indonesia, one of which is Bali and the Thousand Islands. There are still many beaches in Indonesia that still hide their beauty and are not known to many people. Banyuwangi city in East Java is one of the cities that has many beautiful beaches in it which can be a tourist destination, when you are traveling in Banyuwangi it doesn’t hurt to visit beautiful beaches in Banyuwangi, one of which is Lampon Beach for relieve fatigue and refresh the mind.

For those of you who like to vacation in natural tourism, especially those related to beaches, you might like this beach because Lampon Beach has a beautiful stretch of sand with blackish sand with an area and length of the coastline and clear water that is bluish green. Because this beach can be said to be quite wide so that many visitors will feel comfortable and want to enjoy the beauty of Lampon Beach for a long time, apart from a large area, Lampon Beach also has various kinds of typical beach plants.

Although Lampon Beach is included in the beach in the south which usually has quite large waves, the waves from Lampon Beach itself can be said to be quite calm. So it is safe for swimming and children’s play areas, but must be monitored. In addition, on Lampon Beach there are also many fish, so tourists can use it for fishing. Many local and foreign tourists who visit this beach, especially during school holidays and Eid holidays.

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Entrance ticket prices at Lampon Beach

To prepare the amount of money to be carried, ticket prices are one of the information that must be known. For those of you who are planning to have a vacation to Lampon Beach, you don’t need to worry because to be able to enjoy the beauty of this Lampon Beach you are not charged or it’s free. You only pay for the parking fee. So for those of you who want to have a happy vacation, you don’t need to worry about having a vacation at Lampon Beach.

If you want to travel to Lampon Beach, tourists can use private vehicles such as cars or motorbikes. Lampon Beach itself is located in the southern city of Banyuwangi with a distance of about 35 km from the city center. Lampon is located in Pesanggaran Village. Lampon Beach is a beach that is still not well known compared to other beaches in Banyuwangi. Therefore, Lampon Beach still has a beautiful and clean atmosphere. Still very well preserved in nature, lampon itself is in the area of ​​the military headquarters of the Indonesian Navy which is usually used as a training ground for the Indonesian Navy. where Lampon Beach is also managed by the Indonesian Navy and the Fisheries Service. From the city center of Banyuwangi, tourists can go through Jajag then head towards Pedotan Market then towards Siliragung, after that they will find a market intersection then the direction of Pesanggrahan then arrive at Lampon Beach. Don’t worry about being afraid of getting lost because there are already directions to Lampon Beach. Because the road is not very big, tourists are expected to be careful.

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Attractions on Lampon Beach

1. Swim at Lampon beach

Lampon Beach which is famous for having quite calm waves can be used for swimming and playing water without fear of being swept away by the waves. So this place is suitable for a vacation and bringing children. But you have to be careful because there are many rocks on this beach.

2. Fishing at Lampon Beach

On Lampon Beach there are many types of fish, besides that there are many rocks on the edge of the beach that can be used to sit while fishing while enjoying the beach breeze.

3. Hill Lampon Beach

Apart from enjoying the expanse of the sea, we can also enjoy the beauty of the hills. Apart from being hiked, they are also used as an adrenaline booster. On the other side of the hill there is a large rocky basin in which there are various types of marine ecosystems such as small fish and sea urchins.

4. Naga Sasra

There is also the Naga Sasra, which is a burst that comes from a basin that causes a rainbow. Naga Sasra can only be seen when big waves come.

5. Japanese Cave

On Lampon Beach, there is a historical cave that was built by Japanese soldiers at that time, there are ruins of the 1994 tsunami. For those of you who want to see a Japanese cave, you have to climb to a steep hill. In ancient times there was a bridge that connected to the hill and could be passed by vehicles, but this bridge has been damaged with age. So now it can only be passed on foot, but don’t worry. After arriving there, you will be amazed because you can see the beauty of the beach from the top of the hill.

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6. Fish Auction Place

There, buyers can buy various types of fresh fish, and of course, at a more affordable price than in markets and supermarkets. There are also various kinds of fresh seafood variants.

7. Culinary Tour

Because on Lampon Beach there are also fish auction places, there are definitely various places to eat that provide various processed seafood with various types of preparations that tourists can enjoy. And also at an affordable price while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

8. Land for Camping

For tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach at night, Lampon Beach is also provided with camping ground, tourists only need to bring camping equipment, tourists can also make bonfires here, but must keep clean.

That’s some information about Lampon Beach in Banyuwangi that you should try while on vacation on weekends or during long holidays. For those of you who want to vacation with affordable accommodation but with adequate beauty and facilities, Lampon Beach can be an option. And also you can bring fresh and ripe fish as souvenirs.



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