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Vacation time is precious time and should be used for fun activities. If you are confused about getting quality vacation time, you can choose to vacation at Kuwaru beach. A beach located in Bantul Regency is in harmony with the style of a relaxing vacation, cheap, but still fun. Not only on vacation, you can also refresh your tired head due to your busy daily routine.

Many people talk about Kuwaru Beach because of the characteristic of the beach in the form of shady and soothing plains. It is quite busy to visit on weekends, both young and old. The beach, which is located very close to the city of Yogyakarta, is well managed by local residents, so that you are not only presented with a beautiful view neat but also a clean and comfortable black sand beach environment.

Price of admission

Kuwaru Beach is a beach that you can find in Poncosari Hamlet, to be precise in Srangkan sub-district, Bantul. It is very close to the city of Yogyakarta, which is only 29 kilometers, or about an hour’s drive. This beach is close to other beaches such as Baru Beach and Goa Cemara. Budget vacation in the style of Kuwaru beach will not disappoint you because of the various tourist objects and the comfort it offers.

For those of you who want to visit the Kuwaru beach tourist area in Bantul, you need to know the price of the entrance ticket first. Each visitor is charged an entrance ticket fee of IDR 5,000 / person. For vehicle parking, a fairly large area is provided with a parking fee of IDR 5,000 for motorized vehicles and IDR 10,000 for cars.

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The road to Kuwaru beach is very easy and smooth. You can start the journey from Malioboro. Then please continue the journey towards the Southwest. Then you will find Bantul street. Follow the road until you reach Palbapang Bantul.

From Palbapang Bantul, direct the vehicle towards the Samas road and the Southern Cross Road. Follow this path until you arrive at your destination beach, Kuwaru beach. The trip to the typical prawn pine tree beach is only taken for about 60 minutes. You can use private transportation or rental vehicles.

Tourism site

Talking about a vacation on the beach, of course you imagine a vacation playing with the waves and sand on the beach. However, if you go on vacation to this super comfortable and shady beach, not only playing with the waves and sand, you can also enjoy the excitement of various rides and attractions there. Here are some tourist attractions on Kuwaru beach that you should try.

1. Swimming pool

Swimming on the beach is certainly fun, especially for children. However, sometimes the weather is not supportive so the waves are very large and visitors are prohibited from swimming on the beach. However, there is no need to worry because Kuwaru beach has a pool for swimming. You can swim as much as you want and of course it is safe for children.

2. ATV rides

Taking a walk while enjoying the beach view combined with prawn pine trees on Kuwaru beach will be complete if you ride an ATV. These rides are provided at quite affordable rates. You can rent this vehicle for at least 15 minutes to get around the beach. Get the sensation of riding an ATV on the sandy terrain at Kuwaru beach.

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3. Motor Trail

Not only ATV vehicles, for those of you who want to experience more challenging rides, you can try a dirt bike. Because it is more challenging, the driver must have mastered this vehicle beforehand in order to enjoy it comfortably and fun. Don’t forget to prepare a camera to take pictures with a dirt bike.

4. Abundant Photo Spots

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Kuwaru Beach is popular because it has thick and shady pine trees. Therefore, this beach is not hot and is often used as a photo spot. The beach scenery is also very interesting, it can also be used as a mainstay photo spot.

5. Bath Balls for Children

Visiting Kuwaru beach is indeed fun with friends or family. If you are with small children, you can take them to this one attraction, Mandi Bola. Vacationing on Kuwaru beach is even more fun and less boring.

6. Mini Train

In addition to rides such as Mandi Bola, there are also mini train rides for children and adults. Taking advantage of these rides to make a vacation on Kuwaru beach even more exciting is the right choice.

Kuwaru Beach is indeed a beach that is highly recommended as a place for natural tourism. Various tourism objects contribute to creating excitement and pleasure on vacation especially with family and friends. Plus the complete facilities that make your vacation even more comfortable, making this place suitable for your next vacation destination.


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