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One of the famous tourist objects on the island of Lombok besides Mount Rinjani is Kuta Beach. Maybe for most people know Kuta Beach as a mainstay tourist attraction from the island of the gods, Bali. However, in fact Lombok also has Kuta Beach which is no less beautiful and enchanting than Kuta Beach in Bali.

When talking about the natural beauty of Kuta Lombok Beach, it is not really right considering Kuta Beach Lombok is the same thing as Kuta Beach Bali which has been touched by modernization, so that there are a lot of hotel developments in the beach area. However, this is the main attraction and attracts many tourists.

Ticket prices for Kuta Beach

For the entrance ticket to Kuta Beach Lombok, there is no special tariff for tourists, it’s just that the parking fee is approximately Rp. 10,000 for cars and Rp. 5,000 for motorbikes.

Routes and Location of Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta Lombok Beach is located in Kuta village, Pujut sub-district, Central Lombok district, which means, if you want to visit Kuta Beach Lombok you have to come to the central part of Lombok to be precise to Kuta village first. This beach is quite wide, it has a coastline area of ​​approximately 7.2 KM.

If you want to visit Kuta Beach from Mataram City which is approximately 72 km to the southeast, you can spend approximately 90 minutes. Before arriving at this beach, you will pass Sade Village, which is a village of the Sasak tribe, the original tribe of the island of Lombok. Now this village is a tourist village that must be visited on the island of Lombok.

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In the western part of this beach, there is a hill known as Mandalika Hill, this hill is one of the right places to enjoy the beauty of Kuta Lombok Beach from a height.

The clear sea water, plus the white sand on Kuta Beach, allows you to see the stretch of coral reefs that are under the sea.

Tourism Activities on Kuta Beach Lombok

In addition to the beautiful panorama and natural scenery of this beautiful beach on Kuta Beach, there are several beach tourism activities that you can do on Kuta Beach Lombok, including

1. Sea Bathing or Swimming on the Beach

Swimming or bathing in sea water does seem like a tourist activity that must be done when visiting the beach. Especially if the beach with clear water and white sand like the one on Kuta Beach Lombok.

In addition, the natural conditions and other security that support water activities that you can do here, therefore you don’t have to worry about playing water or swimming at this beach. However, you still have to watch over your children.

2. Conduct water sports activities

Apart from swimming, there are many water activities that you can do while visiting Kuta Beach, Lombok. Moreover, this Kuta beach has been touched by modern facilities that will add to the excitement of tourists when visiting this beach, such as by doing water sports activities.

There are several facilities to support water sports activities such as Jetski, Banana Boat and even a windsurfer. If you bring children or want a fun family trip, you must visit Kuta Beach Lombok.

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3. Watching the local traditional ceremony

Apart from doing water tourism activities and enjoying water sports or other natural beauty, you can also do cultural tourism activities. If you visit Lombok around February and March, you can watch the Bau Nyale ceremony which is held once a year.

The traditional ceremony is located at Seger Beach, which is not far from Kuta Beach, which is east of Kuta Beach and only about 2 km away. The Bau Nyaye ceremony activity is catching nyale worms carried out by the local community to commemorate the story of Princess Mandalika.

4. Snorkeling and surfing

Just like on several beaches on the island of Lombok, Kuta Beach is also the right location for snorkeling and surfing activities. Beautiful underwater scenery makes it possible for you to snorkel on this beach.

Basically, Kuta Beach also makes it possible for surf lovers to surf here, but you should surf at Seger Beach which is not too far from this beach which is only 2 Km away in the eastern part of Kuta Beach. The waves on Seger Beach make it possible to surf there.

On this beach there are also snorkeling and surfing equipment rental places that you can bargain for up to 30% of the rental price offered.

5. Enjoy the sunset

From Kuta Beach you will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset, besides that you can climb the Mandalika hill in this beach area, from there you can get a very nice sunset view.


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