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Talking about tourism in Yogyakarta, surely you will mention several names of tourist attractions, one of which is the beach. When you visit this warm city, you will be treated to various kinds of beaches with distinctive beauty. One of them is a beach called Kukup, which is known as a beach with charming rolling waves.

Before going to Kukup beach and enjoying the beauty of the tourist attractions there, you need to know some important information. This information is about the price of admission tickets, access and routes to the beach, and what tourist attractions you can enjoy. So you can get ready and plan a vacation on Kukup beach to make it even more exciting and fun.

Entrance ticket prices at Kukup Beach

Just like other beaches in Gunungkidul, to be able to enjoy all the interesting tourist objects there, you have to pay an entrance ticket. But no need to worry, the price of the entrance ticket at Kukup beach is very affordable, only Rp. 10,000 per visitor. And fortunately, besides being cheap, with the ticket that you have bought, you can visit 2 other exotic beaches, namely Krakal and Sundak beaches.

Access to this beautiful beach is very easy. The beach, which is located in a village called Kemadang village, Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul, is located next to Baron beach. Heading to the beach, whose charm is so amazing, can be by motorized vehicle or car, but the path can be said to be very winding. So you have to be careful when you travel.

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Kukup Beach has several routes that you can pass. The first route starts from Jalan Jogja-Solo. Follow the path towards Prambanan Temple. Right after Prambanan Temple there is a three junction. Take the right direction from the intersection of three then follow the road until you reach the Baron street. From this location you will soon arrive at Kukup beach.

You can also take another route according to your position so that it is not too far. This route starts from the city of Yogyakarta. If you are in a city area, you can go directly to Jalan Ringroad Selatan. Continue the journey until you arrive at Jalan Wonosari or rather the second intersection after Giwangan terminal. Then follow the path until you reach Jalan Baron. From Jalan Baron, you will pass the same route as the route described above.

Tourism Object on Kukup Beach

Do you know some of the mainstay attractions on Kukup beach? These tourist attractions will certainly make your vacation even more memorable, exciting, and fun at the same time. No wonder so many people visit this beach resort and want to come back again. Here are some tourist objects that you should try on this Kukup beach.

1. Viewpoint on coral island

This is one of the tourist objects that make Kukup beach a great hunt for by many tourists. On this beach there is a typical view of a coral island with a viewing post on it. Very strategic for taking pictures and seeing the sunset view.

You can also go to or cross to the coral island. You can use a bridge that has been provided by the manager for visitors. After crossing the bridge, you will first climb the island’s hill. So that you reach the top of the coral island and enjoy the unique scenery there.

2. Kukup beach cultural tourism

Not only natural tourism that you can do on this one beach. It turns out that on this beach a traditional ceremony called Alms Ocean is usually held. Activities in the form of traditional ceremonies are usually carried out right during the month of Suro (in the Javanese calendar). This ceremony is said to be an offering ceremony to the Queen of the South Coast which is carried out by making various offerings that have been prepared in the sea. The ceremony is led by a chairman of the Kukup beach key experts.

3. See a variety of marine life

At low tide, you can easily find a variety of marine life along the coast. You can find many scattered black sea urchins, shellfish and sea algae, various kinds of fish, and so on. You can also buy fish and shellfish in shops around this beach in the form of coral decorations in various shapes and ornamental fish.

4. Spot amazing photos

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A vacation to the beach is incomplete if you don’t capture the moment in the form of photos. On this beach, you will be treated to lots of great spots for your photos. For example, when the sun is setting and the water is receding, the combination of the sky and the silhouette of the rocks will bring an exotic feel to your photos.

Besides that, you can also take pictures on the bridge to the small coral island. Of course, you rarely get this view on other beaches. You can also take pictures with a background of rocks and blue sky combined with the waves. You only need to prepare a camera with a cool pose to capture exciting vacation moments on Kukup beach.

Vacations in natural tourist attractions such as Kukup beach are indeed fun and can refresh a long mind. Especially if on vacation there with loved ones such as friends or parents. With cheap ticket rates and easy access, you can enjoy all the beauty of this Kukup beach. Holidays will be even more meaningful and fun.


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