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Today’s footsteps, the famous beach in Maumere, is a must when visiting Maumere, at least you don’t have to feel nauseous because the road trip is full of sharp and winding bends, turns to the location through roads that are not smooth, asphalt that is starting to break down, some macadam roads, Left and right, you can see a chocolate garden, cashew nuts are abundant and look tough, there are 2 guard posts managed by local residents, the count is per adult but for the nominal it can not be the same as yesterday’s ticket price depending on the guard, right at the entrance to the location a row of wooden houses is greeted. for rent / homestay that seems down to earth, the car park is quite large, the trip from the city of Maumere Kurleb 2 hours has paid off with a visible stretch of white sand, surrounded by hills, crashing waves, there are 2 beach basin spots, just choose, there are also photo spots rather dangerous because you have to pass through slippery & sharp corals to capture the moment the waves crashing against the coral which turns into a vortex / splash of water like a water blow , there is also a photo spot by climbing the hill for 5k to enter in some kind of sacred shrine / grave, by walking through the bamboo walkway carefully & arriving at the terrace we can enjoy a wide view of the coca beach from the top of the hill, but be careful don’t be too tired to have a selfie cz left right of the cliff.
For qt culinary, you can order at a local warung, for example a blasius shop, grilled fish menu, tamarind sauce, etc. With a whole young coconut drink.
There are also toilets for rinsing & bathing, if you buy the food menu for the toilet to wash & shower for free, outside of that you have to pay 10k per person
Happy visiting….

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